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Serving our Life Sentence in the Shacks

People all over South Africa have been asking the leaders of Abahlali baseMjondolo why the government continues to ignore the demands of shack dwellers. They have been asking why, after all the marches, statements, reports and meetings, the Kennedy Road settlement continues to get burnt down through endless shack fires. They have been referring in particular to the recent Kennedy Road shack fire on 4 July 2010 that took four lives, leaving more than 3 000 people displaced and homeless.

We Must Come Together to End Xenophobic Violence

Following the incredible feeling of African unity experienced during the World Cup, most of us were alarmed by rumours of the targeting of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in some pockets of our communities post the final. It stood in stark contrast to the Pan-African spirit we demonstrated when we collectively switched our loyalty to Ghana after Bafana-Bafana was eliminated from the tournament.

Did South African Civil Society Organisations Benefit Financially from the 2010 World Cup?

CAF Southern Africa is committed to strengthening the work of civil society in the region. It campaigns for increased giving and social investment for the sector. CAF promotes more developmental approaches to corporate social investment, encourages and administers employee community involvement programmes and works towards the establishment of a culture of indigenous philanthropy that benefits organisations of civil society.  

Government Urged to Recognise Xenophobia

Three NGOs, the Social Justice Coalition, Equal Education and the Treatment Action Campaign, say officials seem to be avoiding use of the word xenophobia in the hope that the violence in the Western Cape would subside.

In a press statement, the three organisations point out that, “We call on local, provincial and national government to immediately recognise that individuals around Cape Town and the Western Cape are being targeted based on their nationality.”

Hotline Number to Report Xenophobia

CSOs from across Gauteng, together with the South African Council of Churches, have put their heads and resources together to combat any threats of xenophobia once the World Cup has ended.

One of the initiatives they intend using to achieve this is a hotline number, which will be linked to police in all the nine provinces, for foreign nationals who are concerned about their safety.

Keep the Flag Flying Long After Final Whistle Sounds

South Africa is festooned with the national flag, and extraordinary energy is being dedicated to developing popular public imagery of a nation united. But where does all this apparent patriotism leave us once the last goal has been scored and the flags and banners have been taken down?

In the past few weeks South Africa has opened its arms to the world and billions of television viewers have been watching every day as the World Cup proceeds. The finals are just less than a week away.

One Has To Be Sad

One has to be sad
Africa’s time came
and went in the game
they call beautiful

One has to be sad
Africadone in again
our former Police Chief
a stranger to the

One has to be sad
big boys come down
to the African earth
Brazil, Argentina and us too

One has to be sad
someone who has
participated in the
against the apartheid evil

One has to be sad
now the other iniquities
corruption and sleaze,

World Cup Experience to be Used to Improve Housing

The Department of Human Settlements says it will use the experience gained during construction of World Cup stadiums to improve the delivery of houses by 2030.

Minister Tokyo Sexwale, points out that, “I have declared that by 2030 children who are born this year should be able to access houses and flats.”

Sexwale says his businesses had benefited from the construction of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, adding that in return, the businesses will build more than 50 000 houses as a social investment.

World Cup Job Prospects Attract Children – RCP

The Refugee Children’s Project (RCP) in Musina says the staging of the FIFA World Cup has resulted in an increase in the number of unaccompanied minors who travel to South Africa.

RCP’s Bertha Chiguvera, says the organisation noted a ‘slight increase’ in the number of children who travel alone to South Africa in search of job opportunities associated with the World Cup.


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