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Zimbabwe Conducts Study on Female Condoms

Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health is currently gathering evidence on acceptance of a new Cupid Female Condom before rolling it out.

The female condom is known as a 'life-saving device' that is initiated by females and Zimbabwe was among the first countries to introduce the female condom in 1997 as a woman-controlled method to prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and unintended pregnancy.

The Other Side of the Female Condom

Female condoms are not just for the ladies as some gay men in KaMsogwaba Township outside Nelspruit have found, but nearby clinic nurses are still not sold on the idea.

“We get asked why we are using female condoms if we are men.”

While not originally designed for use in anal sex, female condoms can be used by men who have sex with men (MSM) during sex in lieu of traditional male condoms.

Male Activists Promote Female Condom

The female condom has been making its way across developing countries, particularly those in the African continent.

While many see this as a woman's commodity, one man in Mozambique is actively campaigning for it too. Felix Magul and his seven colleagues from the Kutenga youth association have been promoting female condoms in that country.

The Global Female Condom Day: An Opportunity to Take a Fresh Look at HIV Prevention for All

As the world today recognises the importance of the female condom in the HIV prevention basket, perhaps it is time for us to take a fresh look at the potential of this life saving tool in stopping the spread of HIV, especially for women and girls.

Female Condom Advocacy in 2012 – A New Opportunity to Make a Difference!

For nearly a decade the programming of the only tool available for women to initiate safe sex has been dogged by maladministration, procurement troubles and difficulties in social marketing a product whose supply is erratic at best. The advocacy landscape around the female condom has changed significantly and is this year expected to focus on a key component of programming that is often overlooked, that of logistics management.

Female Condom Promotion Gains Momentum, But Room for Growth Remains

Global access and availability of female condoms have increased dramatically in recent years, but with rates of HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy among women still high, providers of female condoms may need to consider marketing them more to couples and men to increase uptake.

While there is no deliberate bias to focus HIV prevention programmes on women, there is widespread acknowledgement that women are among the worst affected by HIV and therefore require tailored programmes and products to help them beat the pandemic.

Barbara Hogan and the NSP: Women’s Lives in Men’s Hands

As with the rest of the HIV sector, we were relieved and delighted when Barbara Hogan assumed the health portfolio just over a month ago. In her address to the International HIV Vaccine Research Conference in Cape Town on 13 October 2008, she officially marked the end of the genocidal denialism that has characterised our country’s management of the pandemic to date. 

Hogan declared that the disease was unquestionably caused by HIV and must be treated with conventional medicine. 

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