Machel: Economies Must Benefit the Poor

Women and child rights activist, Graça Machel, says the majority of Africans are not benefiting from the continent's economic recovery.

Machel states that, "Women in Africa are prevented from accessing land and capital that they need and financial institutions don't have the systems in place to cater for women's entrepreneurship as unreasonable collateral is required."

Cultural Heritage is Not a Commodity

Our Heritage is not a product to be traded - it’s a value to be shared.

Much has been said in the past ten years about the potential for the handcraft industry to ‘make a difference’ in rural communities and for impoverished people. Craft has been flagged as a sector with the potential to uplift those most affected by the ravages of apartheid, especially people who are under-educated and as a result ill-equipped to take advantage of the new dispensation.

When MDGs are not Met, the Dignity of the Majority of African People is Seriously Undermined

Reliance on aid to guarantee our dignity through the Millennium Development Goals was a huge mistake, and raising more funds to bridge the resource gap without closing the leaking tap is like pouring water into a bucket full of holes.

Are Men Really Better in Business than Women?

The latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows that in South Africa men are 1.6 times more likely to succeed as business owners than women.

This shocking statistic is reported to be a particularly South African phenomenon. Amongst other things, it appears to be related to low levels in self-belief amongst women that they have the knowledge, skills and experience to start and succeed in business.

Very Small is Beautiful for the Majority of Our People

Survivalist entrepreneurship continues to be discounted in South Africa in favour of small to medium employment creating businesses. In our quest to focus exclusively on the employment creating potential and economic growth contribution of the more formal and growth oriented small business sector, we ignore at our cost, and at our nation building peril, the fantastic resource and value of micro and survivalist businesses.


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