NGO Turns Inkjet Printer e-Waste into 3D Printers

United Kingdom charity, Techfortrade, is trying to make 3D printing affordable for developing countries by creating software that is able to take e-waste components and use them to build 3D printers.

In fact, the charity says the technology is available for free online, and anyone around the world can use the same technique.

E-waste refers to discarded electronic devices destined to be recycled, reused or sent to landfill, such as old PCs, smartphones, tablets, inkjet printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

Forum Focuses on Reducing E-Waste

Representatives from 18 African states, the United Nations, NGOs, the private sector and academia, have agreed on a set of priority actions for reducing the environmental and health impacts of growing levels of e-waste in Africa.

The actions were agreed at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on the final day of the Pan-African Forum on E-Waste and included promoting the sector's potential for green jobs and economic development, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Companies Accused of Dumping E-Waste Material

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says that British companies are taking advantage of lax auditing procedures to illegally export end-of-life technology to West Africa.

In its report ‘System Failure: The UK's Harmful Trade in Electronic Waste’, the EIA points out that, "Industry intelligence suggests the diversion of e-waste from local-authority sites to the black market is widespread.

Activists Accuse HP for Manufacturing Hazardous Products

Activists from environmental group Greenpeace have targeted Hewlett-Packard, painting a slogan on the company's headquarters accusing the firm of using toxic materials in its products.

Greenpeace spokesperson, Daniel Kessler, points out that around 13 activists clambered onto HP's Palo Alto premises before using paint rollers to daub the message "Hazardous Products" on the roof.

Kessler says that the stunt was designed to draw attention to HP's purported use of toxic chemicals such as PVC plastic and flame retardants.

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