New Compose and Reply for Gmail

Those who use Gmail may have noticed the new notification popping up asking if they want to try Google’s new compose and reply function.

Product Manager, Phil Sharp, introduced the new compose and reply ‘experience’ on Google’s blog, the aim of which is to make e-mailing faster, easier and cleaner.

For starters, the new compose pops up in a new window and users cannot lose the screen that they are on. This is helpful because there is no need to save a draft in order to look back at or reference another e-mail.

Microsoft Unveils a Facebook-Friendly E-mail Service

Microsoft has unveiled a revamped, Facebook-friendly version of its free, online e-mail service in an attempt to reverse market share losses to Google's fast-growing Gmail.

The world's largest software company is renaming its Hotmail service Outlook.com, giving it a sharp new look, social network links and new features for handling the tide of junk and mass mail that swamps many users.

Hotmail was still the world's largest online mail service as of June, according to the latest comScore figures available, with 324 million users, or about 36 percent of the global market.

Mobile Phones Usage on the Increase in Africa

According to an article titled ‘Africa’s rise is not myth’ by Jonathan Power, a veteran foreign affairs commentator, approximately half the people of Africa own a mobile phone.

Power says that in many African countries, phone technology is ahead of Europe and North America.

He argues that it may be more difficult to build up fast Internet penetration on desktops, adding that in some countries 40 percent of mobile owners are using phones for electronic mail and the Internet.

Tech Partnership Means pMailer Free to NGOs

Prefix Technologies will make its industry-leading bulk email communication software, pMailer, available to South African NGOs via SANGOTeCH, a technology donation and discount portal created by TechSoup Global and the Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT).

Prefix Technologies managing director, Walter Penfold, points out that by participating in the SANGOTeCH programme, the company aims to give NGOs a tool that will help them overcome serious communication challenges faced by many of these cash-strapped organisations.

UAE to Suspend Blackberry Services

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) says it plans to block some messaging and Web services on BlackBerry smartphones.

The announcement, which comes days after the country warned the device could pose a potential threat to national security and social values, will see BlackBerry messaging, e-mail and web browsing services suspended starting October 11.

The government has singled out BlackBerry, and not other phones that can access e-mail and the Web, because the devices automatically send users' data to servers overseas, where local laws do not apply.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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