AU, SA, Host a Diaspora Summit

The Africa Union (AU), in partnership with South Africa, is hosting the Global African Diaspora Summit, one of the vehicles through which the AU and the African Diaspora aim to realise the vision or a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa and her Diaspora.

President Jacob Zuma, together with 64 heads of state are attending the event, which is hosted under the theme ‘Towards the Realisation of a United and Integrated Africa and its Diaspora’.

Site Launched as Facebook Rival

Four United States students who launched a new social networking site called ‘Diaspora’ are stressing its ease of use and stricter privacy policy, in a bid to make waves in a field dominated by Facebook.

The version, which is available to software developers since last week, is giving outsiders an opportunity to work on applications within its framework, ahead of a public launch due at a yet undisclosed later date.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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