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Scopa questions Dlamini on grants crisis

Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini is expected to face Parliament’s standing committee on public accounts on Tuesday, to discuss the impending social grants crisis.

In April 2014, the Constitutional Court instructed the Department of Social Development to take over the payments of grants by the end of March 2017, after it found irregularities in the appointment of CPS, the company responsible for grants distribution. It declared the contract invalid, but suspended the order until a new arrangement had been made.

SASSA Confusion Continues

Cash Paymaster Services (CPS), a subsidiary of US-based Net1 UEPS Technologies, will have the upper hand to negotiate for a bigger slice of the pie following an admission by social development minister Bathibile Dlamini that government is in talks to extend the current social grant payments contract.

Social grant payments are administered and distributed by CPS after it was awarded a five-year, R10 billion tender in January 2012.

Department of Social Development: Members of the Panel of Arbitration in Terms of the NPO Act

Call for Nominations of Candidates to be Appointed as Members of the Panel of Arbitration in Terms of the Nonprofit Organisations Act, No 71 of 1997 (NPO Act)

Nominations are hereby invited for the appointment of suitable persons to serve on a panel of arbitrators to be appointed by the Minister of Social Development in terms of Section 9 of the NPO Act. The NPO Act, created an appeal mechanism in respect of decisions to refuse or cancel registration under the Act, and specified a procedure for appointing the persons who may conduct appeals and arbitrations.

Joint media statement by Minister Bathabile Dlamini and the Ministerial Task Team on Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)

The Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini held a meeting with the Ministerial Task Team on Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) to discuss administrative matters relating to the NPO sector, the registration status of NPOs, and also reach agreement on the way forward with regards to de-registration of NPOs that failed to comply with the NPO Act (Act No.71 of 1997).

NGOs Raise Concerns Over Social Assistance Bill

The Department of Social Development has tabled an amendment to the Social Assistance Act that CSOs believe may worsen the department's enormous backlog in responding to grant appeals.

The Social Assistance Bill, which was introduced by social development minister, Edna Molewa, last month, defines the term ‘disability’ and attempts to further regulate eligibility for disability grants.

NGO Services

NGO Services
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