Philanthropy, Democracy and Civil society: Tending a Garden Over the Long Term

Who would have thought that in April 2009 South Africans would vote in a national election where the winning presidential candidate, Jacob Zuma, would enter his office under a cloud of corruption? Who would have guessed that the democratic government, led by the African National Congress, would reject a visa application from the Dalai Lama, in effect turning its back on the international human rights solidarity that it relied on 20 years earlier to end apartheid?

The Constitution Hill Trust Celebrates Albertina Sisulu

17 November 2008

Apartheid struggle stalwart, Albertina Sisulu, was on Saturday honoured by the Constitution Hill Trust at a very unique 90th birthday celebration held at the Women's Jail, Constitution Hill in Johannesburg.

Ma Sisulu, as she is fondly known, was honoured at a High Tea attended by amongst others former political inmates Rica Hodgson and Juby Mayet, Lilian Keagile and the daughter of the late Esther Barsel, Merle Ruff.  Professor Sidney Seepe and businessman Geoff Rothschild, of the JSE, also attended the celebration.

Civil Society and Democracy in South Africa

By Prof Adam Habib: Regime change can have significant impacts on society. And, this is all the more so if it occurs in an era of globalisation. Nowhere is this more evident than in South Africa where democratisation and globalisation have fundamentally transformed the society. In the process, civil society has itself been remolded in significant ways, the effects of which are only now becoming evident.

Local Government Elections: A Civil Society Perspective

Dr. Rama Naidu of the Democracy Development Programme, an NGO that develops capacity in  governance for enhanced participation in democratic political processes, writes an opinion piece about the local government election.

His article speaks to controversial issues such as civil society's poor engagement with the political process, officials with zero accountability and the narrow perspectives of minorities.

The Local Government Context


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