Brazil Plane Crash

As Brazil comes to terms with the loss of a top football team and dozens of other passengers in the worst air disaster of 2016, investigators are trying to find out why the chartered jet crashed close to Medellín’s main airport in Colombia.

Seventy-one people died; six survivors are being treated in hospital, four passengers listed on the manifest missed their flight.

RIP Fidel Castro

Thousands of Cubans began lining up early near Havana's Plaza of the Revolution Monday carrying portraits of Fidel Castro, flowers and Cuban flags for the start of week-long services bidding farewell to the man who ruled the country for nearly half a century.

One of the first in line was Tania Jimenez, 53, a mathematician who arrived at 04:00 carrying a rose.

"Fidel is everything to us, the soul of this country who gave everything, all his life," Jimenez said in tears.

South Africans Should Continue Mandela's Work

Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) states that South Africans could best remember former president Nelson Mandela by working to continue his life's work.  

LHR believes Nelson Mandela's renowned legacy is what has kept civil society's eye focused on human rights in South Africa and across the continent.

LHR considers the international peace icon as a role model who shared many of his aspirations of upholding the rule of law and championing the rights of those who did not have the voice to fight for themselves.

Madiba’s Passing Will Not Affect Race Relations - SAIRR

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) believes that the death of former president Nelson Mandela will not affect race relations in South Africa.

SAIRR’s head of research, Lerato Moloi, notes that South Africans have got along with one another largely peacefully for years without Nelson Mandela having been active in the political sphere.

“… [Nelson] Mandela’s passing may be cause for many to reflect on the remarkably peaceful and swift racial integration of many parts of society, including schools, suburbs, universities, and workplaces,” states Moloi.

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