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Predatory Cyber Crime in South Africa: Current Risks and Realities

Nearly a year ago, a specialist in software risk management and data storage, Marthinus Engelbrecht, warned that while statistics on violent crimes in South Africa hit the headlines every day because of their severity, cyber crimes were much more common and had a much bigger impact (The New Age, 14 September 2011). Crime analysts and commentators have regularly warned about the insidious nature of cyber crime, and, occasionally predicted an upswing in its occurrence.

New Centre to Fight Cyber Crime

The United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders (UNFRI) has launched the African Centre for Cyber Law and Cyber Crime in Kampala, Uganda.

Launched in conjunction with the International Association of Cyber Crime Prevention (AILCC), the Centre, which is based in France, is aimed at monitoring cyberspace and fighting cyber crime in Africa.

The Centre will deal with organised crime, child pornography on the Internet, cyber terrorism, information security and online tax fraud among others.

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