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Eskom Raises Over R324 000 for NGOs

The Eskom Development Foundation has hosted its annual Women's Month charity fundraiser and over R324 000 was raised for the two beneficiaries Reach for a Dream and the Smile Foundation.

Every year, the Eskom Development Foundation hosts this charity fundraiser in order to celebrate women and raise funds for a nominated national charity organisation that works with the more vulnerable members of society like the elderly and children.

Effective CSI Programmes Need Evaluation

Since 2009, the development sector has made a notable shift in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices of corporate social investment (CSI) programmes.
Trialogue reported in their 2012 CSI Handbook that while the sector is still focusing less on evaluations, monitoring of programmes has improved from tracking only expenditure to additionally tracking outputs and outcomes indicators; and conducting site visits of funded projects.

What Does Sustainability Mean and What Does it Require?

My dad used to say, ‘you can’t just take take take, you gotta give something back!’ At the time he was referring to my (lack of) maintenance and care for my Volkswagen Beetle, but I often think of it as my first lesson in sustainability… about looking beyond the present moment and considering the longer term.

Does CSI Impact On Your Brand and Business Relations?

There is a school of thought arguing that Corporate Social Investment (CSI) should be done discreetly and below the radar. I have tried to find the business advantage or any advantage, either to the beneficiary organisation or the donor company, in this way of working and came up with a blank. The argument for the donor company that it will prevent a flood of other applications does not really hold water, because the flood is probably already there.

Know Your Community, Know Your Social Investment

Do social investors thoroughly research the geographic areas into which they launch development programmes? Tshikululu corporate social investment practitioner, Beatrice Watermeyer, compares three of Johannesburg’s historically informal areas to emphasise the stark differences between these three parts of one city.

No Silver Bullet for CSI Success, But a Plan Helps

In my keynote address to the 2012 Serious Social Investing workshop, I noted that no singular national corporate social investment (CSI) plan or body can replace the need for well-defined strategies and the nuance of multi-faceted development.

Social investment long ago moved away from the ‘heart of giving’ to the science of strategic social investment. How we go about this on a daily basis may seem challenging at times, especially in a country with such vast needs and opportunities.

You Have a Duty to Know if Your CSI Works

As the corporate social responsibility sector evolves, so should monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices.

There were 65 000 nonprofit organisations registered with the Department of Social Development at the end of March last year, which are some of the tremendous number of organisations in South Africa that have been formed with the intention of alleviating social problems; of ‘doing good’.

Social Entrepreneurs - Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting for…

“Social entrepreneurship is an evolving space, and yet one of the most profound developments in our world today. Simply put, social entrepreneurship is about correcting an accepted social imbalance for some economic gain. I can just hear the last part of my statement still buzzing around your heads: “for some economic gain?" to which I say absolutely “for economic gain”.


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