The Importance of Knowledge Transfer Between Social Enterprises and Communities

Knowledge transfer has always been somewhat of a challenge for organisations, and is more visible when continuity is necessary with new members joining. It is particularly important in the space of social enterprises that do development work in communities, as will be discussed in this article.

SAHRC: Medical Waste Incinerator Violates Rights

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has found that EnviroServ’s regional medical waste incineration facility in Bloemfontein compromises community members’ right to a clean environment.
The SAHRC investigated after residents complained that the company’s incinerator has been billowing out large volumes of smoke during the day and night for the past two years.
The commission argues that as a result, the air in the area is polluted, affecting the health of residents in the area.

CSOs Tell Govt to Stop Mining Diamond

The Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) and Chiadzwa Community Development Trust (CCDT) are deeply concerned that government is going ahead with merging Marange diamond companies without consulting key stakeholders.

Government has finally acknowledged that diamond mining companies in Marange have not been transparent.

This means consolidating the same companies into one unit will not improve transparency since the same players will import their corrupt practices into the new entity, says a statement by the two non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

South African Red Cross Society: Finance and Administration Officer

The South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) is part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation. With 100 million members, staff and volunteers, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has a truly global reach and presence in 186 countries across the world. The organisation's mission is to render services to prevent and alleviate human suffering and to foster human dignity in all communities by addressing the basic needs of the people in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

SHAWCO: International and Accommodation Coordinator

SHAWCO is a student-run, nonprofit community outreach organisation, independent from, and based at the university of Cape Town. SHAWCO’s mission is to practice and promote responsible citizenship in the South African context through Health, Education and Social Entrepreneurship initiatives. SHAWCO creates a supportive space for experiential learning and teaching, addressing inequality through innovative and sustainable approaches to community engagement.

SHAWCO seeks to appoint an International and Accommodation Coordinator, based in Cape Town.

Tshwane Leadership Foundation: Programme Coordinator - Lerato House

Tshwane Leadership Foundation is a faith-based organisation in the city centre of Pretoria. It has been in existence for 20 years, working with vulnerable and marginalised communities towards urban transformation. TLF is a Christian-faith base organisation.

Tshwane Leadership Foundation seeks to appoint a Programme Coordinator - Lerato House, based in Pretoria.

This is a programme coordinator position for young girls at risk.


NGO Urges Zambia to Act on KCM

Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW) says the government must keep an eye on Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and act decisively to protect Zambians' interests in the mine.

Commenting on the protests by scores of people in London against Vedanta Resources, the majority shareholder in Konkola Copper Mines, SARW country coordinator, Edward Lange, says the mineral resources in Zambia are being literally looted because the mining communities and the country at large are not seeing tangible benefits.

Vumelana Governance Award 2016

The Vumelana Advisory Fund is a nonprofit organisation that helps beneficiaries of the land reform programme to develop their land in an effective and sustainable way. Vumelana was established in 2012, with the aim to support the establishment of commercially viable partnerships between investors and local community land owners to create jobs, income and skills. Vumelana’s main objective is to demonstrate the value of community private partnerships as a contributor to successful land reform.


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