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​Companies Push Back Against Environmentalists Business/International

Climate activists seeking to pull investors into their camp are pushing Exxon Mobil and Chevron to limit money spent on exploration in favour of higher dividends and more share buybacks.
Shareholders will vote on proposals that would urge the two biggest United States oil producers to cut what they spend opening up new oil fields and instead hand the money to investors.
Environmental critics say future climate rules will soon make it unprofitable to pump.

Green Climate Fund to Announce Projects

The United Nations’ flagship Green Climate Fund will announce its first projects at a board meeting, which runs from 2-5 November 2015 in Zambia.

According to Ed King, eight funding proposals worth US$168 million were recently published on its website, three targeted in Africa, two in Latin American and the others in Fiji, the Maldives and Bangladesh.

Deforestation to Blame for Climate Change

Deputy Agriculture Minister, Bheki Cele, says combating global warming should be the responsibility of all South Africans.

Addressing delegates at the Forestry Indaba in George, Western Cape, Cele, who is of the view that deforestation is partly to blame for climate change, stressed that it is important to preserve forests for future generations.

“Global warming is part of us. Mess up with the world and I can assure you the world is not going to pardon us…,” he warned

Lack of Funding Threatens Climate Change Response

According to Madalitso Mwando, Zimbabwe is struggling to pay for measures to cope with climate stresses and weather-related disasters, such as recent floods, amid domestic spending cuts and slow progress in accessing international finance.

Mwando says the budget for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate has been reduced to US$52 million for 2015, from US$93 million set aside for 2014.

Malawi Hardest Hit by Floods

Doctors without Borders (MSF) in Malawi say the south of the country has been hit hardest by the recent floods that displaced hundreds of thousands of people.
MSF’s Amaury Gregoire, points out that, “We are very concerned because there are still pockets of people that have no access except by helicopter.”
Gregoire states that the relief is being organised around the camps and MSF is going to develop strategies to access the people that are in the communities that are more difficult to access.

Agreement to Limit Carbon Emissions

The United States and China have agreed to limit carbon emissions, but the move might only be enough to save developed countries in the North.

Under an agreement, the United States will reduce its emissions by a quarter by 2025 and China will reach a maximum in its emissions by 2030, cap them, and then decrease them.

At the signing ceremony, President Barack Obama said: “As the world’s largest economies and greatest emitters of greenhouse gases, we have a special responsibility to lead the global effort against climate change.”

Impact of Climate Change Highlighted

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the impacts of climate change will significantly affect food security, water availability, human health and ultimately economic growth in Africa.
The report, which is under discussion at the opening of the four day Climate Change Dialogue at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, found that Africa's climate is already changing and the impacts are already being felt.

Call for a Realistic Approach to End Hunger

Oxfam says that a more holistic and integrated approach needs to be developed to end the scourge of hunger in South Africa. 

Oxfam Economic Justice Campaign manager, Rashmi Mistry, says that according to the report ‘The Hidden Face of Hunger in South Africa’, low incomes, rising costs, a lack of access to productive resources and climate change are amongst the reasons causing 13 million people to go to bed hungry.

Activists Call Action on Climate Change

Activists concerned about climate change have delivered a petition on ‘climate justice demands’ to government officials at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

The gathering, which comes ahead of the upcoming United Nations climate summit to be held in New York next week, saw climate and energy campaigners of groups such as local climate movement 350Africa, Greenpeace and Right2Know Campaign dancing and waving placards containing the slogans ‘We Fight Climate Change’, ‘No More Coal’, and "Clean Energy Now’.

NGOs Our Only Hope - Villagers

According to Moses Matenga, one thing Chivi villagers in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo province would want to quickly forget is the ravaging drought that ate away their livestock in 2012.

In his article titled ‘NGOs our only hope – villagers’, Matenga states that from the hunger of 2008 that forced them to compete for chakata (a wild fruit) with donkeys to the menacing dry spell of 2012-13, the villagers and their counterparts from the southern region do not want, never again, to see their livestock dying from hunger.


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