Baby Trafficking Rises in Nigeria

A s 16-year-old Maria strained under the anguish of labour in southeastern Nigeria, a midwife repeatedly slapped her across the face - but the real ordeal began minutes after birth.

"The nurse took my child away to be washed. She never brought her back," the teenager said, gazing down at her feet.
Maria said she learned her newborn daughter had been given up for adoption for which she received 20,000 naira ($65.79) - the same price as a 50 kilogram bag of rice.

​African Children to Suffer Due to El Nino

Save the Children, a non-governmental organisation, has warned that millions of children will suffer disproportionately from the failed harvests and devastated livelihoods left behind by the El Nino weather phenomenon.

The charity’s East and Southern Africa regional director, David Wright, points out that, “Children face protection risks as families and communities move in search of work, food, water and grazing land for animals.”

The organisation estimates that 26.5 million children could face malnutrition, water shortages and disease in affected African regions.

​Mentorship to Fatherless Kids in SA

In South Africa now, research shows that one in two children will grow up without their fathers, a worrying statistic that can have devastating effects especially on boys and on society.

Thuthukani Ndebele, a researcher with South African Institute of Race Relations, points out that: "You are looking at about 35 percent of the population being children and if you look specifically at data on absent fathers you find that something about 14.6 percent of kids have absent fathers.”

Call for Child Protection to be a Year-Long Commitment

The Department of Social Development says it is working on making child protection a year-long commitment.

The department’s director-general, Connie Nxumalo, points out that children need to be protected as they are the future of any country.

Government and civil society say they plan to spend the next seven days – during the Child Protection Week to pay attention to some of the difficult issues faced by South Africa's youth.

Preventing the Scourge of Gender-Based Violence

It is estimated that one in five women in South Africa are victims of gender-based violence (GBV) annually. This chilling statistic alone should be enough to indicate that there is a need to stand up and stamp out the prevalence of GBV in society. But when we consider that the violence carried out is often directed at women and children who comprise a significant proportion of our country’s youth, it becomes a critical matter of safeguarding our future.

Govts Urged to Put Kids at Heart of New Goals

The Children's Rights & Emergency Relief Organisation (UNICEF) says despite global progress on achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), unequal opportunities have left nearly 600 million children living in extreme poverty on less than US$1.25 a day.

The agency states that millions of the world's poorest children are denied a fair start in life and many more will be left behind unless they are put at the centre of new development goals for 2030.

Child Protection Week Launched

The Department of Social Development has launched the Child Protection Week, a period in which all are encouraged to ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation.
Foster Care Child Welfare’s Edwin Mutambanengwe, says that South Africa is making good progress in protecting children.
Mutambanengwe is of the view that government is directly involved in ensuring the protection of children.

New Campaign to Reduce Child Fatalities on the Road

The Western Cape provincial transport department has launched a new campaign aimed at reducing child accidents and fatalities on the road.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) ‚ road deaths are now the leading cause of premature deaths among young people globally and road traffic injury being the leading cause of death for children aged 5 and 14 in South Africa.

Pebbles Project Trust: ECD Programme Manager

The Pebbles Project Trust is a registered nonprofit organisation that supports children, families and communities on the wine farms in and around Stellenbosch and Wellington. The work of Pebbles consists of five main pillars: education, health, nutrition, protection and environment.

The Pebbles Project Trust seeks to employ an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme Manager, based in Stellenbosch.

The ECD Manager will be responsible for the overall management, monitoring and evaluating of the ECD Programme, in addition to overseeing a team of ECD Support Teachers.


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