Four Ways You Can Put the Lit Back in Literacy

Literacy is said to contribute towards social and economic development. Improving literacy skills at a young age helps build a foundation for an active citizenry. By the time children reach grade four, they should be able to use different patterns, differentiate between sounds (decoding) and read quickly and fluently, but learning to read in South Africa is still a major challenge.

Great Stories Will Help Our Country Grow

One of my favourite storybook characters as a child was Mrs Tiggywinkle from The Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle by Beatrix Potter. She was a hedgehog who miraculously reinvented herself daily - without ever compromising her true identity - into an industrious entrepreneur who ran a laundry service! There she was bustling across the rolling green hills of the English countryside, a world that for me existed only in storybooks, the conversations of my parents and birthday cards from relatives.

Why We Cannot Overlook Children's Right to Stories and Books

Every Tuesday, an enterprising church minister from Rondebosch packs a box of theatre props and heads out to a nutrition rehabilitation centre in Crossroads on the Cape Flats. There, he tells stories and reads books to young children for who the squatter camp is both home, and the full extent of their worlds. As he arrives, they gather excitedly around his car, eager to help carry in the toys and finger puppets that make the stories come alive.  

ANFASA: Director

Academic and Non-Fiction Authors' Association of South Africa (ANFASA) is a national membership-based association with headquarters in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Its members are authors of academic and/or non-fiction books and articles and is looking for a director to oversee the running of the national office by working together with the Board of Management in implementing the policies and objectives of the organisation such as advocacy work for authors’ rights.
ANFASA seeks to appoint a Director, based in Johannesburg.


ANFASA: Office Administrator

Academic and Non-Fiction Authors' Association of South Africa (ANFASA) is an authors' association that is involved in advocating for authors' rights in the publishing industry and has a vacancy at its office in Johannesburg for an office administrator. The successful candidate will assist the director in managing the national office.

ANFASA seeks to appoint a Office Administrator, based in Johannesburg.  

The successful candidate will assist the director in managing the national office.


Why Children Need Regular Encounters With Reading Aloud to Transform South African Literacy

Socrates told us that all thinking begins with wonder.  Nobody would dispute the need for developing thoughtful citizens, but just how do we develop a sense of wonder in children? Through stories, of course. 6 March is World Read Aloud Day - this is a day to celebrate the wonder and delight of reading aloud to children (or the child that lurks within us).

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