Social Workers Help Reduce Risk of Failed Adoptions

The Department of Social Development is advocating a change to the law so that social workers employed by government can process child adoption applications‚ as opposed to it being done only by adoption agencies.
The review of the child adoption process comes after two cases in which the adoptive parents applied to the courts for the rescission of adoption orders‚ citing violent behaviour and psychological problems.

SA Prefer to Foster Orphans: Study

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) study has found that adoptions are not a frequent choice among families.

In a press statement, SAIRR, points out that, “A lot of orphans are looked after by their extended families or family friends in a private, informal arrangement known as kinship foster care."

The organisation further states that this type of arrangement is widely practised in South Africa, even though it is not ordered or regulated by any statute or legal body.

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NGO Services
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