SAOPF Criticises ANN7’s Advert

The South African Older Persons Forum (SAOPF) has laid a formal complaint against Africa News Network 7 (ANN7), saying a billboard along the N1 near Sandton discriminated against the elderly.

The forum lodged separate complaints with the South African Human Rights Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), saying the television channel’s advertisement humiliated people and violated the law.

On the giant billboard is a picture of an elderly man with the words: “We are not old farts... Nah, not even our presenters.”

Medical Aids Urged to Report Abuse

Welfare organisations says that the reporting of suspected child abuse by medical aids is either non-existent or needs to increase significantly.

The Centre for Child Law’s Professor Ann Skelton says there might be a gap in the law regarding medical aids reporting child abuse, while all citizens were legally compelled to report suspected child abuse voluntarily.

Activists Networking against the Exploitation of Children: Social Worker

Activists Networking against the Exploitation of Children (Anex) is a children’s rights organisation advocating for the end of all forms of exploitation and abuse of children. The scope of Anex’s work involves counter-trafficking, anti-child labour and youth development. Although all three programmes are diverse in nature they are all linked in that they actively attempt to extricate all forms or situations which result in the enslavement of children.

Anex seeks to appoint a Social Worker, based in Cape Town.


MOSAIC: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

MOSAIC is a nonprofit organisation that enables abused youth and adults to heal and empower themselves in dealing with domestic violence and abuse. MOSAIC works in partnership with government and other service providers in communities in the Western Cape, and deliver a range of prevention and support services.

MOSAIC seeks to appoint a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager, based in Cape Town.

Childline KwaZulu-Natal: Therapeutic Manager

Childline KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) is a registered nonprofit, non-government organisation  that tries to make a difference in the lives of children who have had to endure unimaginable suffering. They have programmes in place to deal with neglect, abuse and exploitation aimed, not only at bringing perpetrators to book, but at helping children and families rebuild their lives.

Childline KZN seeks to appoint a Therapeutic Manager, based in KwaZulu-Natal.


Call for Special Courts for Rape Victims

The Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC) says government needs to establish special courts for rape victims as soon as possible.

The organisation says the high prevalence of rape and other forms of sexual violence raise fundamental questions about the Criminal Justice System.

CASAC spokesperson, Nomboniso Gasa, points out that, "We need to look at the establishment of special courts to deal with sexual violence, to deal with domestic and family violence, some of them courts and some of them special courts for gender violence."

Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children: Fund Developer

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children (TTBC) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to ensuring abused children are protected and rehabilitated. The organisation provides therapy, counselling, assistance, love, comfort, safety and on-going support to children who have been abused.

TTBC seeks to appoint a Fund Developer, based in Parktown, Johannesburg.

The person will join TTBC’s team and take on the role of fundraising.


GBV on the Increase in Zambia

According to Arthur Mwansa, not a day goes by without a news report of a child being defiled or a woman battered by an angry partner in Zambia.

In his article, Mwansa argues that government, in collaboration with the United Nations, have stepped in to reduce to zero incidences of gender-based violence (GBV).

He is of the view that, while GBV is a term that many individuals are now aware of - actual acts of the vice remain unpunished as communities still face challenges in finding justice for GBV victims.

Most Sex Workers Abused by Police: Study

About 70 percent of sex workers have been abused by police in South Africa, according to a study released by Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT).

SWEAT argues that the human rights abuse of sex workers is alarming and demands immediate attention.

“Sex workers experience violence during arrest by police officers who routinely beat them, pepper spray them and sexually assault them,” explains SWEAT.

20 000 Western Cape Kids in Foster Care

Cape Town Child Welfare says that about 20 000 children in the Western Cape are in foster care because of abuse, neglect and their parents' drug use.

The organisation’s chief executive officer, Niresh Ramklass, has been quoted by the Cape Times as saying that poverty is not helping the already bleak situation.

Ramklass further says that, "It is quite stark. It would be best if children were not taken from their homes, but if we don't have a proper social net to protect our children, they will be lost. Many of them will die."


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