Youth for Survival's Pledge for Parity

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8 March and in South Africa we also celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August every year. South Africa comes in at eighth place on a world classification table of women in national parliament. These are all developments that deserve to be applauded as the nation is taking strides towards the ultimate goal of achieving women’s rights. However, in the same instance it is never enough until we reach the peak of equality in all spheres, when women’s dignity and rights can be fairly observed in our nation.

SANGONeT: Executive Director

The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) provides a wide range of information communication technology (ICT) services to NGOs and other development organisations in the Southern African region.

Established in 1987, SANGONeT is still one of very few NGOs in Africa involved in ICT issues. SANGONeT’s flagship activities include the NGO Pulse Portal, Prodder NGO Directory, SANGOTeCH technology donation programme, various ICT and related events, and many others.

SANGONeT: Project Manager - Mobile Solutions

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The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) is a dynamic NGO providing a wide range of information communication technology (ICT) services to NGOs and other development organisations in the Southern African region.

SANGONeT seeks to appoint a Project Manager for a major multi-year Mobile Solutions for African Agriculture project.


Unleash Your Creativity! Liberate Your Mind! 

Every human being is born creative. And we all have limited our creativity as a result of our life experiences. In Create Your Creativity we operate from the principle that maximizing your creativity means just removing the blocks you’ve put on it. In our 6 week workshop, in only 2 hours per week, we put in place transformative approaches and practices to unleash your creativity beyond anything you thought was possible.

Training on Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Development

About the course

Development programs and policies are typically designed to create change to the target beneficiaries. Whether or not these changes are actually achieved is a crucial public policy question but one that is not often examined. Impact evaluation assesses the changes that can be attributed to a particular intervention, such as a project, program or policy, both the intended ones, as well as ideally the unintended ones.

Pledger Africa: Intern

Pledger Africa, an innovative non-profit organisation concerned with using information and communication technologies (ICT) to leverage community resources. Being a nonprofit organisation with a commitment to transparency, accountability and best practice, Pledger Africa is governed by a board of passionate individuals.

Pledger Africa seeks to appoint an Intern, based in Johannesburg.

Start Date: 3 October 2016

Closing the Gap Workshop (Communication Between Parent and Teenager)

The Parent Centre was established nearly 32 years ago in May 1983 as a project of Cape Town Child Welfare Society. The Centre was initially started as a primary prevention project to reduce the incidence of child abuse through the promotion of positive parenting and effective child management practices that would enhance the well-being and self-esteem of parents and children. This project later grew into a branch of Cape Town Child Welfare Society and in 1997 became an independent, registered Non-Profit Organisation.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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