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Public finance is key to delivering the human right to health

12 December 2018 

Today, December 12, is an equally significant date: the very first official Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day endorsed by the United Nations.

Universal health coverage is built on principles of equity and fairness, with health services allocated according to people’s needs and the health system financed according to people’s ability to pay.

How many of these iconic protest posters can you recognise?

12 December 2018 

Here's the story of the Treatment Action Campaign or how a handful of people created a global movement that changed the world.

Ten people, three banners, one folding table and just a handful of petitions — the fight to save the lives of millions of HIV-positive people began with the trappings of no more than your average mall fundraising stand on a December day at the foot of Cape Town's St George’s Cathedral.

Six women show up Madagascar’s infamous justice system

13 December 2018 

Crumbling walls crowded dirty spaces and tiny rations of dry cassava. Prisons are often a cruel place, especially in Madagascar.

All around the country, the stories of pre-trial detainees are disturbingly similar — poverty, poor education and weak police investigations. If a sniffer dog stops in front of your house, it can lead to you being held behind bars for years. 

You will have no access to lawyers while you await your trial date.

OPEC meets as Trump calls for oil taps to be kept on

6 December 2018 

OPEC members and other oil-producing countries gather in Vienna on Thursday to discuss cutting output to prop up prices, as United States President Donald Trump urged them to keep the faucets open.

Oil ministers from 20 or so countries busily criss-crossed the Austrian capital on Wednesday for preparatory negotiations ahead of the two-day meet at the headquarters of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

French government yields on fuel price hikes after weeks of protest

6 December 2018 

The French government, under pressure from weeks of “yellow vest” protests over rising living costs, on Wednesday scrapped all planned fuel tax hikes for 2019 and appealed for calm.

An increase scheduled for January 1, was “scrapped for the year 2019” in its entirety, Environment Minister Francois de Rugy announced on BFM TV, in an about-turn for the government.

The presidency, meanwhile, warned of possible violence during a new round of protests planned for Saturday in Paris and elsewhere in the country.

NGOs Continue Adopting Technological Approaches in their Duties

The latest 2018 Global NGO Technology Report indicates that Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have increased to employ different technological approaches in their operations.

A Non-profit Tech for Good and non-profit operator of the .org domain, Public Interest Registry released the report. Public Interest Registry surveyed 164 different countries from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and North America.

25 Global Trends in Giving That Nonprofits Need to Know

6,057 donors completed the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Survey and based on their responses, the donor community worldwide is made up of primarily women (65%) who have a liberal ideology (53%), characterize themselves as religious (72%), and give between ($101-$1,000 USD) annually (43%). These donors are most likely to support the causes of children and youth (15%), health and wellness (11%), and animals and wildlife (11%).

Zim doctors on strike for better work conditions and foreign cash

3 December 2018 

Doctors in Zimbabwe went on strike on Monday in protest over poor working conditions and have also demanded that the government pay their salaries in foreign currency.

The strike is the second in as many months by junior doctors, with the latest strike coming against the backdrop of a recent cholera outbreak. The latest case of cholera was recorded last week in Mount Darwin, with at least three deaths confirmed by health officials.

Libya to launch vaccine campaign after shortages

6 December 2018 

Libya is set to launch a campaign overseen by the World Health Organisation to vaccinate more than 2.7 million children after months of shortages, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

The "national immunisation campaign", organised with the United Nations children fund Unicef, is expected to begin on Saturday, Libya's WHO representative Jaafar Hassan told a press conference.

The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) has faced major difficulties with its vaccine supply, over which the state has a monopoly.

Putin threatens to develop nuclear missiles banned by US-Russia treaty

6 December 2018 

A defiant Vladimir Putin on Wednesday threatened to develop nuclear missiles banned under a treaty with the United States after Washington gave Moscow a deadline to comply with the key arms control agreement.

The latest spike in tensions came a day after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington would withdraw from a major Cold War treaty limiting mid-range nuclear arms within 60 days if Russia does not dismantle missiles that the US claims breach the deal.


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