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Take part in World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) on Friday, 1st February 2019

Every year Nal’ibali celebrates WRAD by issuing a brand-new story in all 11 official SA languages before asking adults to join them in reading it out loud to children on the day. Last year we read aloud to just over 1 million children and this year we hope to reach 1.5 million! Nal’ibali encourages South Africans to read aloud on WRAD to children in their mother tongue. You can download the official story – free of charge – in any of the official languages from the website: www/nalibali.org or www.nalibali.mobi
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'It's not helpful for South Africa' - Mahumapelo's views on '9 lost years' comments

31 January 2019 

Former president Jacob Zuma's staunch ally, Supra Mahumapelo, has pleaded with ANC leaders – those for and against Zuma - to stop debating his legacy in public.

Mahumapelo expressed his views just a day after Zuma took to Twitter to defend his nine years in office as head of state.

Human Rights Commission tackles Agrizzi over k-word rant

30 January 2019 

The Human Rights Commission says it intends to initiate legal proceedings against Angelo Agrizzi in the Equality Court.

This follows his testimony at the state capture commission in which he admitted to using racial slurs. He also admitted to being a "racist". In the audio clip played at the inquiry, Agrizzi is heard using the k-word numerous times while laughing with those he was in conversation with.

To read the article titled "Human Rights Commission tackles Agrizzi over k-word rant" Click here

Hardcore prawn: How Bosasa made fishy money

31 January 2018

A prawn farm in Krugersdorp sounds unrealistically fanciful, but controversial state contractor Bosasa set one up in 2015 with the purpose of laundering fishy cash and avoiding the South African Revenue Service’s (Sars) tentacles.

Details of the farm were made known at the state capture commission on Wednesday when former Bosasa chief financial officer Andries van Tonder detailed how the company cooked its books to derail investigations by Sars and launder cash for bribe.

Parliament to probe Clifton beach 'racism'

31 January 2019 

Parliament will hold an all-day inquiry into what transpired at Clifton Fourth Beach in Cape Town, where beachgoers were allegedly escorted off the beach by a private security company.

The incident was deemed racist by a number of organisations and compared to apartheid-era beach bans. In the wake of the incident, a number of protests took place, including the slaughtering of a sheep at the beach “to exorcise the demon of racism”.

Trouble brews as coffee faces extinction

24 January 2019

Africa is the home of coffee. Beans from the continent have been picked as a snack for as long as humans have needed a quick hit of energy.

Ethiopian arabica beans found their way to Yemen 600 years ago. Coffee beans are now grown in 70 different countries along the equator

To read the article titled "Trouble brews as coffee faces extinction"Click here 

EU takes Britain to top court over commodities tax breaks

24 January 2019 

The European Commission on Thursday took Britain to the bloc’s top court for allegedly breaching rules on tax breaks in commodities trading, just two months before Brexit day.

The commission, the EU’s executive arm, said it acted because Britain has improperly broadened a Value Added Tax exemption to commodities that were not originally covered under decades-old rules.

Netanyahu blocks Gaza aid funds

23 January 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blocked millions in Qatari aid to the Gaza Strip in response to renewed border hostilities, risking increased tensions with the Palestinian territory's Islamist rulers Hamas during Israel's election campaign.

Weeks of relative calm in the Gaza Strip ended Tuesday when Israeli soldiers were fired on along the border with the enclave in two separate incidents.

One soldier was lightly injured when a bullet hit his helmet.


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