Zimbabwe declares some drugs ‘not important’ as cash crisis bites

22 October 2018 

None Zimbabwe's pharmaceutical companies are coming up with a priority list for critical drugs, and cough mixtures and vitamins are not on it.

A shortage of cough mixtures and other medicines deemed “not important” is looming in Zimbabwe with pharmaceutical companies coming up with a priority list for critical drugs as a cash crisis hits the southern African state.

Zimbabwe imports at least 80% of its drugs. This week the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ) said vitamin-based medicines and cough syrups have been pushed down the pecking order.

UN agencies urge end to 'virginity tests'

UN agencies are calling for an end to the practice in some countries of determining whether a girl or woman is a virgin through gynecological tests.

The World Health Organisation, UN Women and the UN Human Rights office say the "medically unnecessary" tests have been documented in at least 20 countries across the world.

The agencies said on Wednesday the tests, mostly performed by doctors, police officers, or community leaders, are used to determine marriage eligibility or employment eligibility, and to assess the "virtue, honour or social value" of women and girls.


There is trouble brewing. And if countries across the world don’t increase taxes, restrict advertising and regulate the age of buyers as well as the times when and places where people can buy alcohol, they will continue suffering a bitter population-threatening hangover from the consequences of harmful alcohol use.

This is according to a new report by global health and development organisations titled Trouble Brewing: Making the Case for Alcohol Policy, which asserts that unless alcohol policy is given more attention, the harmful use of alcohol and its consequences will grow.

Rama & the Good Breakfast Heroes commemorate National Nutrition Week 2018

9 October 2018 – The theme for this year’s National Nutrition Week 2018 is: “Breakfast – the best way to start your day!” and Rama is proud to support this theme in line with its commitment to making a nutritious breakfast an everyday reality for all South African school children.

According to the Department of Health, studies indicate that around 19% of South African children aged 10 – 14 years skip breakfast before going to school and globally, up to 30% children, adolescents and adults regularly skip breakfast.

Japanese paint to help Zambia eliminate malaria

02 October 2018 

A Japanese paint producer has launched the world's first mosquito-repellant paint in Zambia to help it reach a target to eliminate malaria by 2021, the company and a Japanese government official said.

Malaria, spread by mosquitoes, is a treatable disease if caught early, but current anti-malarial drugs are failing in many areas as people develop resistance to them.

Is this the Bill the alcohol industry doesn't want you to see?

South Africa is one of the hardest drinking countries in the world, but legislation to stop it been under wraps for over five years.

The government is violating its constitutional obligations, as well as international law, by withholding a Bill from the public. The Control of Marketing of Alcohol Beverages Bill of 2013 has not been made available for public comment — for no apparent reason and despite numerous e orts by the Southern Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (Saapa).

Lifebuoy brings hygiene education to the people of Khayelitsha

The world’s leading germ-protection soap will deliver hygiene education and hot showers to the water-scarce community of Khayelitsha

 For many Capetonians the recent draught was a major wake-up call, teaching them the true value of water as Level 6 water restrictions forced them to use just 25 litres of water per household daily for cooking, bathing and cleaning, but for many South African communities, like Khayelitsha, these restrictive conditions are an everyday reality. 

What the UN's first TB declaration should have said

It's finally here. After months of negotiations, at least one international spat and what we are sure are countless of track changes later the world finally has its first United Nations declaration on TB.

Heads of state, including our own President Cyril Ramaphosa, will ratify the declaration this week at the UN's first high-level meeting on TB in its 73-year history.

And boy, has TB bided its time. TB is single deadliest infectious disease today, World Health Organisation figures show.

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated This Season

Summer is slowly making its way back into our lives. We no longer have to go to bed with six layers of blankets and our cheeks are beginning to return to a colour that isn’t translucent. But now that the sun has returned, many of us will get back into our outdoor hobbies and spend more time honing our ‘bikini bodies’, and it’s vitally important to remember to refill our water-bottles. Staying hydrated in summer is critical for a number of reasons.


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