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NGO Condemns Police Brutality

A Botswana coalition of civil society organisations has condemned police brutality in Zimbabwe and urged President Ian Khama, the Southern African Development Community chairperson, to intervene.

In a press statement, the coalition, the Botswana Civil Society Solidarity Coalition for Zimbabwe, is concerned about the police brutality, in response to the ongoing civil protests in Zimbabwe.

​IEC Happy With Smooth' Start to Elections

Community protest action delayed the casting of special votes on Monday, 1 August 2016, in six municipalities‚ although a majority of voting stations opened on time in what the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said was a smooth beginning for the polls.

Three motor vehicle accidents and four minor incidents of incorrect ballot papers being delivered mark the start of South Africa’s fifth local government election‚ with the majority of South Africans set to cast their ballots between 7h00 and 19h00 on 3 August 2016.

​IEC Target of Political Protests: ISS

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is becoming a target for political protests.

ISS Crime and Justice Hub Manager, Lizette Lancaster, briefed a seminar on the causes of protests, focusing on violent protests.

Vuwani residents in Limpopo have vowed to block the IEC from holding the Local Government Elections on August 3.

​Homosexuality Ruled Out of Zambia’s Constitution

Law experts in Zambia’s Ministry of Justice have cautioned people who are spreading false information on the proposed Bill of Rights that it has enshrined homosexuality.

Senior Parliamentary Counsel, Kevin Mweemba, dispelled the rumours in Isoka district of Muchinga province during the ongoing country wide sensitisation campaign on the referendum.

Mweemba challenged Heads of government Departments, non-governmental organisations and church leaders to explain in depth the need for voting for the referendum on 11 August 2016.

​SANEF Welcomes Court Decision on SABC Journos

The South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) has welcomed a Labour Court decision which effectively reinstates four South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) journalists who were dismissed for challenging editorial policy.

SANEF says the court decision affirms media freedom and sends a strong message that censorship has no place in a democracy.

SANEF’s Sam Mkokeli says, “SANEF welcomes the decision of the Labour Court. It's a very important decision and it sends a very strong message that censorship has no place in a democracy.”

A Perfect Pinotage Pairing: Wine Farmer Philanthropy in South Africa

Let me start by saying I wanted to write an energising piece about the increasing predominance of wine farmers linked with philanthropy – and it would probably have ended up sounding a tad romantic, with visions of committed philanthropists making funding decisions to change South Africa’s entrenched dynamics of poverty and injustice, while sipping on a glass of world-renowned pinotage as the sun sets over their vineyards and workers bring in the last of the day’s grape harvest.

This blog hasn’t turned out quite that way.

Mugabe Claims Mawarire Sponsored by Foreign Countries

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has accused pastor, Evan Mawarire – the man who organised a nationwide strike against the government - of being sponsored by foreign countries allegedly trying to destabilise his administration.

Mawarire was briefly arrested and charged with subverting a constitutionally elected government before being freed by a court in the capital, Harare. Hundreds of cheering supporters greeted his release.

AICC to Launch Corporate Citizenship Manuals

In an effort to overcome the various socio-economic challenges that developing nations like Malawi continue to face such as ever-growing population and decreasing resources, the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) plans on launching corporate citizenship manuals.

Through the manuals, the organisation seeks to foster a productive working partnerships between governments, private sector and the civil society to work together to exercise shared responsibility to achieve collective prosperity that help build sustainable communities.

Call for Youth to Access Condoms, Sanitary Towels

“Access to condoms in schools‚ youth friendly clinics and access to sanitary wear in schools.”

Those are the demands made in the Youth Declaration which‚ SECTION27 says ‚ was signed by 92 organisations and individuals at the 2016 International AIDS Conference.

In a press statement, SECTION27 expresses the view that clinics are currently not safe and friendly places for learners and young children‚ adding that, “When they ask for condoms or HIV testing they yet reprimanded and are now choosing to stay away from clinics which is making them even more vulnerable.”


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