Telkom Help Students Access Academic Materials

Telkom said that it will be providing free data to students who cannot access academic materials due to the ongoing student protests which have lasted for a month.
In a statement on Wednesday‚ the communications service provider said this is part of its ongoing commitment to supporting education within South Africa.

Many institutions have had to make alternative plans to continue the academic year‚ including making lecture and study material available online while campuses are accessible to students.

Tensions Have Risen At #FeesMustFall Protests

As organisations that work to protect and advance the right to protest, we note with concern the situation on various university campuses across the country.

Tensions have risen to an all-time high with the shutdown of many universities across the country, the widespread use of force, interdicts, arrests, private security and police brutality on campuses.

Police and Security on Wits Campuses

Police and a full security contingent will be on all Wits University campuses on Tuesday as lectures resume.

“It is not ideal to attend classes with police at the doors of learning, but I am left with no choice,” vice chancellor Adam Habib said in a statement on Monday.

The full security presence was due to the harassment of some staff on Monday. He apologised to staff members who were intimidated, threatened, and forced to leave their offices earlier in the day.

Eastern Province Ready to Deliver Credible Examinations

With just 20 days to go before the start of the matric exams, the Eastern Cape Department of Education is ready to deliver credible examinations in the province and is hoping to improve on last year’s pass rate.

Provincial education spokesman Malibongwe Mtima said the department was confident it would see an improvement in its pass rate, which dropped to a dismal 56.8% last year.

​NGOs, CSOs, Praises for Improving Education

Ilala Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam has praised the involvement of civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations in improving the education of children in the district's poverty-stricken households.

Ilala Municipal Council education officer, Lukia Gwandu, says that a number of schools in Ilala District still lack educational infrastructure.

Gwandu explains that these organisations have been working hard to complement government efforts in improving reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills for children.

Child Road Safety Programme Launched

The Vision for Alternative Development (VALD), in partnership with PUMA Energy Foundation and Amend, a road safety non-governmental organisation, has launched a child road safety programme at the St. Joseph Anglican School in Accra.

The programme is part of Amend and PUMA Energy Foundation's 10- country campaign to educate and protect more than 115,000 school children across the continent from road traffic injury.

Why Your Child’s Education is as Much Your Responsibility as It is the Teacher’s

Magadi laughs with delight as she tells of how her son, Matheatsie, a seven-year-old learner in Grade 2 at Moipone Primary in the Free State, completed a sum by himself for the first time. “It took me by surprise. We’d been playing maths games together, counting on his fingers, for a long time – and then, all of a sudden; he showed me how he had developed this new skill.”

‘Pockets of Disasters’ and Essential Resources for Schools

The Social Profile of Youth, 2009 - 2014 Report[2] released by Statistics South Africa paints a rather bleak picture for black and coloured youth. The report indicates that there has been a decline in bachelor degree completion rates among black African and coloured students since the mid-1990s, with less than four percent graduating from university.  Education levels are linked to jobs. It is thus twice as hard for black African and coloured graduates to secure a job over their white peers according to the Report.

​CSOs, Local Church March Against ‘National Pledge’

Civil society organisations and local church have staged a demonstration in Harare against the introduction ‘National Pledge’ by the government which they dismiss as a bid to brainwash to brainwash school children with ZANU PF propaganda.
At the end of last month, the government, through the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora, directed all students to spend the April school holidays mastering the national pledge.

The Right to Basic Education and Vuwani

According to media, police and government reports, as of Sunday, 8 May 2016, 24 schools had been burnt and/or vandalised in Vuwani, Limpopo. This was allegedly done in protest of a High Court decision that threw out the community’s bid not to be moved into the new Malamulele municipality. These actions have been strongly condemned by most commentators, including political parties, trade unions, civil society, the State and on social media.


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