SA at Risk But Not in Crisis

South Africa does not face a crisis despite high crime, unemployment and inequality, though weak growth and poor governance have made it more likely things could go badly wrong, according to a new paper from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

‘The margin for error is thin, but there is still reason to be optimistic,’ says ISS executive director, Jakkie Cilliers, who has revised his South Africa Futures scenarios to take account of electricity shortages, 2014 election results, new population figures and incoherent government policy.

Fundraising Bitcoin by Bit

Few years ago I was in the boardroom of a renowned international nonprofit organisation in Johannesburg for an interview. I was asked to suggest an innovative fundraising campaign and I proposed raising digital currency as a new strategy. I did not get the job.

Based on values or achievements, the word ‘success’ holds different meanings to different people and organisations. And, as we know it, values are at the heart of charity and nonprofit operations.

Gift of the Givers Turns 23

Aid organisation, Gift of the Givers, has sent out a special thank you to its staff, donors, media, organisations and ordinary contributors as it celebrates its 23rd birthday.

Founder, Imtiaaz Sooliman, says there would be no party or cutting of a cake rather just thankfulness that the organisation has been able to serve those in dire need across the world.

Microsoft to Create Jobs in Africa

Microsoft is aiming to create over 100 000 job opportunities and reach over seven million people across the Middle East and Africa by the end of the year through its employability platforms, in partnership with organisations from public and private sectors, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Zambia Requires Funding to End Hunger

Zambia will require more than US$26.6 million to provide relief food and other services to people in six provinces.
The country’s vice president, Inonge Wina, said when she launched the 2015 report of the vulnerability assessment committee, that 798 948 people in 31 districts will require relief food amounting to 53 242 metric tonnes of maize to last eight months from next month to March next year.

NLC Invites Applications for Funding

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is calling on nonprofit organisations, non-government organisations, public benefit trusts, schools and communities to apply for funding.

NLC commissioner, Charlotte Mampane, points out that, “This call is the second of three annual calls that will be made to the public to apply for funding in the current financial year.”

While the NLC will in future implement proactive funding to qualifying beneficiaries, Mampane says the NLC will continue to disburse funds primarily through open calls to the public, such as this one.

Activist Philanthropists Offer More than Cash

There are significant debates about the role of philanthropy and modern trends in philanthropy. Often philanthropy is viewed as the elitist activity of the rich in their attempts to raise their profiles, build power or show off their wealth. It can be done in a paternalistic and charitable manner that results in an imbalance of power between the giver and the receiver that is uncomfortable in the modern world and can result in a culture of dependency.

Mining Value Chains and Green Growth in South Africa: A Conflictual But Intertwined Relationship

‘Mining Value Chains and Green Growth in South Africa: A Conflictual But Intertwined Relationship’ builds on a research project on the impact of electricity price increases on the competitiveness of selected mining sector and smelting value chains in South Africa, carried out with the Global Green Growth Institute for the Economic Development Department and the Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic of South Africa.
For more information, refer to

Oxfam Reacts to FFD Announcement

Oxfam has reacted to the Financing for Development (FFD) announcement of the Global Financing Facility for Every Woman, Every Child.
In a press statement, Oxfam’s senior policy advisor, Claire Godfrey, points out that, "Since women's and children's health cover a spectrum of services, we need the Global Financing Facility to focus on building comprehensive and resilient public health systems across the developing world.”

Africa Urged to Tackle Corruption and Tribalism

United States President, Barack Obama, gave Africa a lecture on obstacles of corruption, tribalism and gender discrimination holding back the continent in the midst of a visit celebrating the region's emerging economic dynamism.
Obama, who delivered the message at an indoor arena filled with thousands of young people in Kenya, the ancestral homeland of his father, also admonished Africans to set aside traditional limits on the education of girls and aspirations of women, saying they undermine competitiveness in a global economy.


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