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Ten Years into Democracy: Examining the Impact of Globalisation on Development Funding for SA NGOs

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Critics on the left and the right, on the inside and the outside of the government hold globalisation responsible for the stubborn prevalence of poverty and inequality in South Africa (SA), albeit with differing accents. This finger is not pointed without merit. For while globalization may be described as a mere process (Tomlinson, 1997), as opposed to a grand moment in the evolution of world history, it is precisely its insidious and artfully benign character that positions it as a force to be reckoned with.

The Size and Scope of the Non-Profit Sector in South Africa

South Africa’s history of multiple social formations, created over the centuries, has profoundly affected the evolution of the large and diverse group of organizations that can only with great conceptual difficulty be categorised as the ‘non-profit sector’. To the extent that this is a coherent group, its diversity reflects the complexities of present-day South Africa, incorporating the residues of the past.

Smoke and Mirrors: The National Lottery and the NonProfit Sector

Research Report No. 1, 2002. CCS. 

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In a context of massive reductions in government consumption spending, the National Lottery is intended to provide a sustainable source of funding for non-profit organisations providing much needed sporting, arts, cultural, social and environmental services to the South African public. This funding, it is hoped, will help secure a better life for all citizens.

Results of an Organisational Survey for a Report on the State of Civil Society in South Africa

Research Reports: State of Civil Society in South Africa. 2001. Core and Idasa.

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This report provides the results of a survey conducted by the Co-operative for Research and Education (Core) and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa) on behalf of the South African National Non-Governmental Organisation Coalition (Sangoco).

Funding Freedom? - Synthesis Report on the Impact of Foreign Political Aid to Civil Society

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Are South Africans using their democratic rights to hold their government to account and to ensure that it responds to them? Are foreign aid donors, who repeatedly stress their support for South Africa’s new democracy, using their resources to help citizens to do that and to ensure that the democratic system works for them?


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