Cheaper Internet for South Africa

According to technology experts; a cheaper and speedier Internet connection has arrived in South Africa and consumers are already benefiting from the lower costs.

However, the much-anticipated data wars that could take the worldwide web into townships and rural areas would only take place after the 2010 World Cup. Spokesman for Seacom, Suveer Ramdhani, points out that, "One expects to see growth in townships throughout South Africa as demand grows because of lowers costs."

Microsoft, Yahoo! in Web-Search Partnership

Microsoft and Yahoo! have launched a 10-year web-search deal to challenge market leader Google, but stopped short of combining other advertising businesses or suggesting any deeper ties.

Under the deal, Microsoft's Bing search engine will power search queries on Yahoo! 's sites.

The long-expected deal means Microsoft's new Bing search engine will be combined with Yahoo!'s experience attracting advertisers in the first serious threat to Google - if the companies get regulatory approval and can make the partnership work.

Cisco Warns Against Cyber Crime

Networking giant Cisco has warned that cybercriminals are aping executives when it comes to sales, marketing and risk management in the world of online treachery.

Cisco chief security researcher, Patrick Peterson says: "A lot of techniques they are using today are not new; it is really about how they may be doing some of the same old things."

The company has also warned that online social networks are becoming popular ‘customer acquisition’ territory for cyber criminals.

ANC Website Hacked

The ANC has distanced itself from adverts on its website offering free porn and penis enlargements.

"The African National Congress (ANC) wishes to distance itself from a selection of embarrassing links placed on the organisation's website by someone who has hacked into the ANC site," said spokesman Brian Sokutu.

Adverts on the party's home page on were offered free porn, penis enlargement, prefabrik, cortix, tarot, reverse mortgage, security system report, jet charter, APC battery, autism, a dating service and website promotion.

Microsoft Bing Online Search Engine

Microsoft has praised its freshly-launched Bing online search engine and says it is taking a long-term approach in its quest to break from third place behind Yahoo! and Google.

The company says the number of people that used Bing in June for online searches was eight percent higher than the number that used its predecessor, MSN Live, in the same month in 2008.

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Link Between GDP Growth and Broadband Access

The World Bank has urged African countries should focus on lowering the cost of broadband access to help boost their economies.

In its latest report, the bank found a strong link between gross domestic product (GDP) growth and broadband access, underlying the need for stimulus programmes in which governments have allocated billions of dollars to expand high-speed Internet access to fight recession.

Betavine Social Exchange NGO Workshop - Cape Town

Vodacom in hosting a workshop with NGOs on 16 July 2009 in Cape Town to discuss a new concept in mobile application development for social impact - the Betavine Social Exchange.

All NGOs - or those working in the development sector - are invited to join Vodacom to find out more about the Betavine Social Exchange, and to contribute to its development and deployment in South Africa.

Google SMS Service for Africa

Google has unveiled a new service designed to provide information via SMS to cellphone users in Africa, where mobile handsets are prevalent but Internet penetration is low.

In a blog post, the company points out that, "At Google we seek to serve a broad base of people - not only those who can afford to access the Internet from the convenience of their workplace or with a computer at home."


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NGO Services
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