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Visit Stellenbosch: Strategic socio-economic development Consultant

Stellenbosch based tourism development non-profit, Visit Stellenbosch, is seeking strategic socio-economic development consulting services. Professional development consultants are invited to apply for a one year service contract. The ideal candidate should currently be operational in Stellenbosch, have at least 5 years of social-economic development experience in the region, and a well developed relevant network. In addition, the candidate should have tourism experience, particularly in terms of economic and social development in the tourism sector.

Common Good: Head of Education


Common Good is a Christian faith-based, not-for-profit organisation founded by Common Ground Church in 2005, working in a range of communities. We're passionate about addressing issues of social justice that challenge our city. We seek to make a positive and lasting impact in the areas of early life, education and employment, so that individuals and communities across Cape Town can build brighter futures for themselves.

Breastfeeding in Public a Civil Right for Women

This was a heated topic on our WhatsApp group earlier this month and funny enough, Stian sent a chat that a woman sitting next to him on the plane was breastfeeding…Quite funny since we have been discussing about it and even though the discussion had died down it suddenly erupted again. Well, my personal take on it at first was that women can feed anywhere, it doesn’t matter as long as they cover up and some of my mates where just not for that compromise, especially the females in the group.

My Perspective Of The So Called Xenophobic Conundrum In South Africa-Chinedum Agwaramgbo

An opinion by a reporter of Newsport Nigeria reveals another side of the characteristics of Nigerians who are in South Africa.  This opinion is drawn from the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians by South Africans.  While condemning the violence meted on Nigerians living in South Africa, he reveals that Nigerians living in South Africa have been involved in activities that led to the systematic destruction of the moral, social, cultural and economic fibre of South Africa.  Citing the fact that it was Nigerians that migrated to South Africa who;-

Growth of African rural e-commerce

Business opportunities have been created due to the rise and growth of e-commerce in the world and primarily in Africa.  This is attributed to the increased Internet connectivity reaching even the previously inaccessible remote villages across Africa and connecting them with and enabling e-commerce. Online retailers can now reach customers in remote areas, while locals have access to a variety of products from major urban cities.

AMSHeR: Finance Manager

AMSHeR strives for a future when every country in Africa will enable safe, healthy, productive and fulfilling lives for all its people, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. AMSHeR’s mission is to strengthen capacity, partnerships and collaborations amongst LGBT+ focused civil society organisations in Africa and to deepen alliances with other social movements that champion health, human rights, social justice and development.

Over 12 000 applicants vying for Cape Town Metro and Traffic police posts amid national jobs crunch

The unemployment situation has created such levels of desperation among job seekers that over 12 000 people have applied to be chosen for the City of Cape Town's metro and traffic departments, the city's mayoral committee member for safety JP Smith said on Wednesday. 

Though it has not been revealed how many posts are being competed for, we still remember in 2012, where eight people died during fitness tests in KwaZulu-Natal when more than 34 000 applicants applied for 90 posts. 

Right2Know Deputy National Coordinator

The Right2Know Campaign (R2K) is looking for an experienced Deputy National Coordinator support efficient and effective campaigning efforts and ensure R2K continues to grow as a vibrant democratic Campaign.

This is an opportunity to work with committed activists around the country to support popular campaigns that have a real impact on the challenges facing South Africa at this critical period in our democracy.



NGO Services

NGO Services
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