BBBEE Training for Fundraisers

Maximise your fundraising potential! Black economic empowerment (BBEEE) deals undertaken by the JSE’s 100 largest companies have channelled nearly R52bn to NGOs and PBOs and various charities.

Is your organization making the most of these BBBEE funding opportunities?

Do you understand what funders are looking for in a proposal?

Are you losing out to similar NGOs in your sector?

Learn how to increase and maximize your BBBEE funding potential!

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children: Volunteer Proposal Writer

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children (TTBC) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to ensuring abused children are protected and rehabilitated. The organisation provides therapy, counselling, assistance, love, comfort, safety and ongoing support to children who have been abused. TTBC does not only work with children, but with parents and communities empowering them with knowledge and skills so that we can help put an end to child abuse.
TTBC seeks to appoint Volunteer Proposal Writer, based in Johannesburg.


Embassy of France in South Africa - Civil Society Development Fund

The Embassy of France in South Africa allocates project-based grants to South African CSOs implementing projects in the field of access to basic services and promotion of Human rights. The call for applications closes on 13 July 2015.

The Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF), an initiative of the Embassy of France in South Africa, supports the participation of South African Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in local governance.

Call for Papers: Innovations in HIV Prevention in Africa

Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) is a self-funded, applied research unit based at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. HEARD conducts a range of research-from pure to applied- seeking to support all those intent on designing interventions to reduce the HIV pandemic in all sectors  in  the  SADC and East Africa region. Its research agenda is driven by current issues and is aimed at producing knowledge and evidence critical to informed policies and actions.

Innovations in HIV Prevention in Africa

Adonis Musati Project: Fundraiser

The Adonis Musati Project (AMP) was named after a young Zimbabwean man who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town while queuing to get his asylum papers. The project strives to empower marginalised refugees and migrants in South Africa through fostering sustainable support networks and encouraging personal development that achieves lasting change.

AMP seeks to appoint a part-time Fundraiser to further expand its existing institutional and private donor base. This position is based in Cape Town.

NLB Extends Call for Input into Funding Criteria

The recent call by the National Lotteries Board (NLB) for stakeholder input to assist in identifying the focus areas for National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) funding has been positively received by major roleplayers. The input from stakeholders is streaming in steadily and the NLB has decided to extend the period for input to 22 May 2012 so that more roleplayers, especially those in outlying areas, can also use the opportunity to make valuable input.

Kellogg Foundation Closes SA Office

The Kellogg Foundation, which donated R215-million in grants to southern Africa in the year ending August 2008, and about R2.8-billion since 1986, has closed its office in South Africa.

The foundation’s chief executive, Sterling Speirn, points out that while the withdrawal takes place against a backdrop of an ongoing forensic investigation into financial irregularities in its South African office, the decision to close the office was made for budgetary reasons.

15th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop

The Resource Alliance, in collaboration with the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals, is hosting the 15th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop will be held from 24-28 November 2008 in Mombasa, Kenya.
Hosted under the theme “All You Need to Know about Fundraising”, the workshop aims to deliver a wide range of sessions rich in critical fundraising skills. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be:

How to Get Started in Local Fundraising

Fundraising is often a daunting task for an organisation. The Worldwide Fundraiser's Handbook presents a range of options and steps to be considered by organisations when fundraising. In this chapter "Tips on how to get started in local fundraising", the author highlights the factors that need to be taken into consideration when starting local fundraising.

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