Sexual Offences Amendment Act Criminalises Buying Sex

In September 2006 a new clause was inserted into the Sexual Offences Act (include a link to the full text of the Act) making it an offence to “unlawfully and intentionally engage the sexual services of a person 18 years or older for financial or other reward, favour or compensation.” According to the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development the intended aim of this clause is to protect sex workers from exploitation and abuse and to prevent trafficking in persons by eradicating sex work.

G8 Summit 2008: All Talk, Zero Walk

The world, both rich and poor countries, is clearly facing multiple crises. Unfortunately it is poor people who suffer the most, suffering immensely from food price increases. We expected this year’s G8 summit to reflect the gravity and urgency of the situation globally, but more so in Africa. Rather we got more and more talk and zero practical, measurable and tangible commitments with set timelines.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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