300 000 Threatened by Cholera in Zimbabwe – Oxfam

Oxfam has warned that Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic is posing a "grave danger" to 300 000 people already weakened by food shortages.

Peter Mutoredzanwa, country director for Oxfam in Zimbabwe, points out that: "Unless the international community steps up to provide money for food and medical assistance immediately, the already dire situation will get much worse."

Mutoredzanwa says that more than five million people will be in urgent need of food aid by January 2009.

NGO Praises Mutharika For Food Security

Malawian youth NGO, Eye of the Child, has applauded the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) for recognising president Bingu wa Mutharika’s achievements in food security.

In a press statement, Eye of the Child says FAO's credit to president Mutharika is as a result of his guiding principles that have transformed the country within a short period.

Food Summit Underway in Cape Town

Malnutrition will be among main issues for discussion at the 30th Session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses currently underway in Cape Town.

The five day conference is aimed at thrashing out ideas, discussing new studies and drafting international nutritional guidelines. Specialists hope to find a worldwide guideline for good nutrition standards for all foods, especially for famine stricken countries.One of the big problem areas remains malnutrition in poor countries around the world.

Motlanthe Urges Africa Use Land for Food

President Kgalema Motlanthe has urged African countries to prioritise land for food production following recent experiences of social unrest caused by communities unhappy with global food inflation.

Speaking at the first extraordinary summit of the African Peer Review Forum in Benin, Motlanthe warned that farmers around the continent are being enticed to switch to biofuel crops, which could result in less land available for food production and a rise in food prices.

Rich Nations Reneging Over Aid - Annan

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has accused the rich countries of reneging on promises to help feed the world’s hungry.

Speaking on World Food Day, Annan appealed to wealthy nations not to use the global financial crisis as a pretext for not meeting their commitments.  Annan warned that over 10 000 children are dying from malnutrition each day.

His comments are echoed by aid agency Oxfam, which estimates that more than 900 million people are facing starvation because of soaring prices.


South Africa Faces a Human Emergency

The state of the nation is not simply about how the economy is doing, or how strong our currency is. The state of the nation is about how well the people of South Africa are doing.  Are they able to live with dignity, feed their children, meet their basic needs and access employment, education and health care? According to the views expressed during the poverty hearings, our state of the nation is dire. Communities are crippled by poverty. It is a state of emergency.

G8 Summit 2008: All Talk, Zero Walk

The world, both rich and poor countries, is clearly facing multiple crises. Unfortunately it is poor people who suffer the most, suffering immensely from food price increases. We expected this year’s G8 summit to reflect the gravity and urgency of the situation globally, but more so in Africa. Rather we got more and more talk and zero practical, measurable and tangible commitments with set timelines.

From Poverty to Power

From Poverty to Power is a major new book from Oxfam International that argues that ending the scourges of extreme poverty, inequality, and threatened environmental collapse is the greatest global challenge of the twenty-first century. 


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