Journalist Abducted, Zimbabwe Blamed

The South African Council of Churches and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa have condemned the recent abduction of journalist and activist Jestina Mukoko by a gang of plain-clothed men suspected to be police operatives.

Open Society chairperson, Musa Hlope, has also criticised the mediation process for tolerating the violence that has continued in Zimbabwe. "No sound mediation will continue while others are being killed. And that’s what the SADC mediation has done", says Hlope.

South African NGOs in the Rest of Africa

South African NGOs are increasingly engaged in activities and projects in the rest of Africa. These interventions are the result of South African NGOs' specific know-how and expertise (e.g. conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, etc.), funding arrangements with multi-country partners and objectives and most important, many African countries confronted with and/or NGOs involved in issues of common concern.

Support Emergency Relief Efforts for Zimbabwe

The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating on a daily basis. The cholera outbreak of the past week, as well as chronic food, water and electricity shortages, highlights the challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe. In addition, the collapse of the Zimbabwean currency, spiralling inflation and the gradual disintegration of the security forces are all indications of a situation that is getting more desperate by the day.

Extensive emergency relief efforts will be required over the next few weeks to help stabilise the situation in Zimbabwe.

CSOs Criticise African Governments Over Health

Health experts and activists have heavily criticised African governments for failing to collaborate with CSOs on health research and health policy development.

Speaking during the World Health Organisation global ministerial forum in Mail, CSOs accused governments tend to perceive them as a threat because they are independent, often critical of government. In addition, they stress that this is because they hold politicians accountable.

NGO to Host 2010 Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival Trust, a newly formed not-for-profit organisation, is planning to host the inaugural Cape Town Carnival on 12 March 2010.

The Cape Town Carnival Trust’s chairperson, Rachel Jafta, points out that the carnival will resemble the popular street carnival held annually in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The event, which will be hosted under the theme “Rhythm, Roots and Boots”, has been endorsed by the Cape Town mayor, Helen Zille.

World Bank Funds Aimed at Social and Economic Projects

The World Bank has presented a total of US$35 000 to 10 Ghanaian civil society organisations to undertake social and economic projects aimed at complementing its assistance operations.

Majority of the beneficiaries will focus on implementing programmes geared towards empowering the citizens to reposition themselves appropriately for the next month’s general elections.

The grant was disbursed from the Bank's Civil Society Fund, formerly known as the Small Grants programme, which is being funded by the Development Grant Facility (DGF).


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