NGOs Are Panicking – Shikapwasha

The Zambian government says the NGOs that are demanding that it discloses the names of organisations that have been pocketing donor funding are panicking.

Chief government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha, says those challenging the government to disclose the names of the NGOs involved in cheating should not panic because the police are doing a professional job.

Lieutenant-general, Shikapwasha, who is Information and Broadcasting Services minister, says he does not see reasons why Transparency International Zambia should be agitated with the revelations.

Call for SADC Monitoring Force for Zimbabwe

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) has called on Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders to send a monitoring force into Zimbabwe, until a free and fair election to be held in 2011.

OSISA director, Ozias Tungwarara, says the call was motivated by the surge of reports of violent crackdowns against Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) opponents.

Human Rights Monitoring Training for Youth

The Rwandan NGO, Assist Rwanda, says human rights need regular enforcement if societies are to embrace sustainable peace.

Addressing a group of youth trained to monitor and evaluate mediators, prisons and Travaux performances across the country, Assist Rwanda national director, Emmanuel Shamakokera, urged the youth to visit the rural areas and make residents understand their rights and how to fight for and safeguard them.

Young Leaders Slammed for Lacking Integrity

Mamphela Ramphele has slammed the African National Congress (ANC) and its youth league leaders for their arrogance, greed and inability to live their lives with integrity.

Discussing ‘Integrity in Public Life’ at this year’s annual Helen Suzman memorial lecture, Ramphele, praised Suzman for her considerable role in ending apartheid, and how she was able to do so with integrity.

Call for Pro-philanthropy Policies

Amanda Bloch, a philanthropist and supporter of the Red Cross Children's hospital in Cape Town, has criticised the tunnel vision of government departments and called on the South African Revenue Services to develop policies that support philanthropy.

Bloch, who was awarded the 2007 Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in Health, says the biggest challenge in her work had been navigating the apparent ‘insurmountable bureaucracy and lack of collaboration on the part of government’.

12 Honoured in Philanthropy Awards

Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement’s philanthropy programme manager, Gillian Mitchell, says that the Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards give South Africans the chance to thank those people who have and are making a difference.

Mitchell was speaking at the occasion of the 2009 awards in Cape Town. Since its inception three years ago, the Inyathelo Awards have recognised those whose personal contributions have made a sustainable contribution to the communities in which they are active.

KP Members Urged to Act on Blood Diamonds

Zimbabwe’s CSOs have warned Kimberley Process (KP) members to act on the overwhelming evidence of that country's failure to comply with the minimum requirements of the rough diamond certification scheme.

The Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition warns that failure to make a decision about Zimbabwe's status is compromising the scheme's credibility and undermining chances for the successful eradication of the trade in conflict diamonds.

NGO to Help People Get IDs

Kabelo Thibedi, a man who made headlines when he held a Home Affairs employee, Lanelle Small, hostage with a toy gun in an attempt to get his identity card (ID), wants to start a NGO to help people who are struggling to get their ID books.

Thibedi was sentenced in 2006 but appealed his conviction and the Johannesburg High Court backdated his sentence two weeks ago, which means he will not have to serve jail time.

Africa Requires US$70bn to Fight Climate Change

For Africa to effectively tackle the growing challenges of climate change currently holding every part of the world to ransom, the continent is in dire need of not less than $70 billion annually to mitigate the impact of the scourge. This is the view of Africa Environmental & Economic peace Mission (AEEPM).

Deputy national coordinator of the group, Rosemary Ijeoma Okenwa, says that the recent UN Climate conference which was held from 28 September to 10 October 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, failed to reach an agreement on key issues slated for discussion.

Capacity Building Workshop for Rwandan NGOs

As part of efforts to strengthen civil society in Rwanda, the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS), has kicked off a two-week training that targets 60 elected civil society representatives from all districts.

The training is under the $0.4m project for Civil Society Institutional Support and Capacity Building that is being funded by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF).

PSCBS executive secretary, Charles Karake, underscored the importance of civil society to the national development agenda.


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