ICT: Policy and Regulatory Management

The School of Public and Development Management at the University of the Witwatersrand invites applications for a postgraduate degree in Information Communication Technology: Policy and Regulatory Management for 2010.

The course will empower participants on policy regulation in the information and communication technology sector.

Closing date for applications: 30 November 2009

New Computer Virus Targets Social Network Users

Security software vendors say cyber criminals are increasingly focusing their attacks on the hundreds of millions of users of social networks and on loopholes in bank security systems.

Smaller research firm F-Secure says in its quarterly virus report that as Facebook reached 300 million accounts in September, social networks and social media continues to attract criminals.

The company says that, “As Twitter has grown in popularity, it has been increasingly targeted by worms, spam and account hijacking.”

Buses to Dent ICT Access in Rwanda

Barely four months since RDB/IT introduced the two models of ICT buses, reports indicate that their impact in improving information technology is already being felt all over the country.

In a phone interview with Wilson Muyenzi, the e-Rwanda coordinator, one of the Hi-tech buses is already being used in Kamonyi district, in the Southern Province, by students and other local residents seeking IT services.

"We expect higher benefits to people in other rural areas which have been cut off in terms of ICT access," pointed Muyenzi.

Google Turns Eleven

Google is celebrates its 11th birthday on Monday, 28 September with another example of its famous Google "doodles" -- a special logo on its search front page. The internet giant has added an extra L to its name to form an 11, representing its eleven years as a company.

However, there is some confusion over the exact date of the company's birth. Last year, Google put up its 10th birthday logo on September 2 and, according to its Wikipedia entry, it was incorporated as a privately held company on September 4 1998.

Gmail Goes Down

Google has confirmed that the majority of Google mail (Gmail) users were unable to access the service on 1 September 2009.

In its blog, the company did not say what the cause was and added that it will provide an update later with details on when it expects to resolve the problem.

It has also apologised for the inconvenience and promised to get Gmail back up and running as soon as possible.

Using ICT to Develop Literacy

Using ICT to Develop Literacy aims to provide a concise overview of the literacy issue and explain how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be used to enhance literacy education and contribute to achieving the Literacy Decade goals. The booklet focuses on five areas where ICT can be utilised in literacy education: enhancing learning; raising access to literacy education; training of teachers; localising content; and creating a literacy-conducive environment. The booklet also contains examples of the use of ICT in literacy education.

Ugandan NGO to Build ICT School

LEAD Uganda, a NGO that provides education to orphaned and needy children, is set to build a post-primary institute to teach information and communication technology (ICT).

LEAD Uganda founder, Stephen Shames, says that there is no reason why ICT should be a preserve of developed countries.

Shames says that the institute will not only help impart ICT skills but will also bolster efforts in bridging the digital divide between Uganda and the developed world.

Microsoft Introduces OneApp in South Africa

Microsoft has unveiled software that lets Twitter, Facebook and other hot Internet services to be delivered to low-cost ‘feature phones’ common in developing countries.

Corporate vice-president of the Unlimited Potential Group and Startup Business Accelerator at Microsoft, Amit Mital, points out that, "We designed OneApp from the ground up on feature phones with very limited memory and processing capabilities."

The Unemployment Database

The Unemployment Database has been established by the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCR Academy). The database consists of skilled and semi-skilled youth between the ages of 18 and 35. It has 11 000 potential candidates which, provincial departments, municipalities, government agencies and private sector can utilise to recruit interns and learnership candidates. This database can also be utilised for bursaries and job placement opportunities. It contains their contact details and CVs.


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