Rise Against Hunger: 2020 Nourishing Lives Partnership Opportunity

Rise Against Hunger (RAH) is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030.
While communities work toward a future in which they can thrive, vulnerable families and individuals around the globe still have basic and immediate needs. 

Call for Papers: Innovations in HIV Prevention in Africa

Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) is a self-funded, applied research unit based at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. HEARD conducts a range of research-from pure to applied- seeking to support all those intent on designing interventions to reduce the HIV pandemic in all sectors  in  the  SADC and East Africa region. Its research agenda is driven by current issues and is aimed at producing knowledge and evidence critical to informed policies and actions.

Innovations in HIV Prevention in Africa

Rich Nations Urged to Do More to Fight Poverty

Nobel Laureate and chairperson of the Brooks World Poverty Institute, Joseph Stiglitz, says international trade will only help fight global poverty if rich countries turn their rhetoric into action.

Speaking at the Global Poverty Summit in Johannesburg, Stiglitz pointed out that, “It is time to bring the talks to a close. Successfully doing so requires courage and sacrifice by the rich countries.”

NGO Helps Subsistence Farmers

A Zimbabwean NGO is working with villagers to increase farm production in a bid to improve living conditions for the subsistence farmers who mostly rely on agriculture for sustenance.

Environment Africa programmes director, Innocent Hongere, says the group that is working in conjunction with other NGOs such as Practical Action is also looking to help link farmers to markets where their products are in demand.

Zuma Urges South Africans to Fight Poverty

President Jacob Zuma has urged South Africans to stand up and fight poverty.

Speaking during celebrations to mark the Day of Goodwill at Mpendle in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, Zuma urged communities to form themselves into the groups and be part of government's poverty alleviation programmes.

The president called on people to stand up and cultivate the land, adding that funds are available to help organised groups who want to start projects to uplift themselves.

Zimbabweans In Need Food Aid, Says WFP

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) says nearly 1.7 million Zimbabweans will require food assistance in the 2010/11 season despite the recent recovery of the country's troubled agriculture sector.

In a report released this week, WFP’s Jan Delbaere, points out that, "Despite the improved availability of food, up to 1.68 million people will need food assistance because prices remain comparatively high for families with low incomes and little or no access to United States dollars or South African rand."

An Unceasing Restlessness

  “In the presence of a member of the Party, the people are silent […] But when the evening comes, away from the village, in the cafes or by the river, the bitter unceasing anger makes itself heard” - Franz Fanon

The time has come for us to give power back to the people. The working poor are exhausted by the cycle of poverty that traps them in informal settlements and townships where seething anger against the state often breaks out into violence and mounting xenophobic attacks as people compete for scarce resources.

Abandoned Children on the Increase in SA

More than 2 000 children are abandoned annually in South Africa because of AIDS, poverty, drug abuse and teenage pregnancies, according to Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA).

The organisation has also revealed that mothers, particularly economic migrants and asylum seekers from neighbouring countries, are abandoning their children in big numbers at hospitals after birth.


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