SA Urged to Tackle Poverty and Unemployment

Independent political analyst, Somadoda Fikeni, says poverty and the high rate of unemployment in the country still poses a huge challenge to South African citizens, 16-years into the country's democracy.

Fikeni points out that while some work has been achieved, unemployment, HIV and education are still the biggest problems the government must work hard to improve.

V-Day Johannesburg Campaign 2010

Press Release

19 April 2010

V-Day Johannesburg Campaign 2010

Until the Violence Stops – The Vagina Monologues Continue

The Vagina Monologues is an award-winning play by author, playwright and founder of the V-Day movement, Eve Ensler. It is a celebration of women’s sexuality and strength in a graceful and humorous manner through the liberation of the one word - “Vagina”.

Gender Dimensions of Intellectual Property and Traditional Medical Knowledge

‘Gender Dimensions of Intellectual Property and Traditional Medical Knowledge’ examines the discussion on intellectual property (IP) rights for traditional knowledge in medicine from a gender perspective. Published by the United Nations Development Programme, the paper argues that a gender analysis of these issues adds to the understanding of how trade decisions can have important and unintended impacts on the lives of disempowered people. It concludes that that a rights-based approach would create more space to mainstream gender concerns in IP policy.

TAC Priorities for 2010: What is Needed to Achieve the NSP Targets?

HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria continue to be the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in Sub-Saharan Africa. The region remains home to 62 percent of global HIV infections and 72 percent of global AIDS mortality - mainly amongst women and children. It is estimated that there are 33.4 million people living with HIV. Most of them continue to face illness and death if they are unable to access treatment.

South Africa's First UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Wants to Use His Role to Make a Difference

Press Release

South Africa’s first Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS’ (UNAIDS) Goodwill Ambassador has called on organisations involved in the fight against the pandemic to join hands to increase the impact of the work being done to reduce new infections. Professor Perry was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador by the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Mr. Michel Sidibe, at the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management’s fifth annual World AIDS Day gala concert last year.

loveLife Comments on the 2010/11 Budget

The pessimist in us all waited with baited breath to criticise the Finance Minister and point fingers at the lack of response towards social and economic drivers stifling the growth of South Africa and its future aka our young people. However, the 2010 budget speech by Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, presented what seems like a good balance between economic development imperatives and social services. This not only made the pessimist take a backseat as we listened in anticipation, but caught the attention of at least every NGO, NPO and company striving to uplift the country.

National Council Against Smoking Comments on the 2010/11 Budget

Tobacco taxes – increase not enough

Same old, same old, policy. Another opportunity to promote public health and raise government revenues squandered.

Predictably, the tax on cigarettes increased by a meagre R1,24 per pack in today’s budget. In his first Budget, the Finance Minister has obdurately stuck to a policy which keeps tobacco taxes low and so favours the tobacco companies at the expense of public health and government revenues.

OUT Launches ‘Know Your Status Day’

OUT LGBT Well-being, a gay health rights organisation, has initiated a campaign ‘Know your status Day’, which it hopes will effectively respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Prism HIV and STI nurse at OUT LGBT Well-being’s Elmie Munday points out that the aim of ‘Know Your Status Day’ is to increase the need for people to go for regular HIV testing.


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