South African Therapeutic Community Conference

The Western Cape Therapeutic Community Centre will host the South African Therapeutic Community Conference from 9-11 December 2009 in Cape Town.

Topics at the conference will range from evidence based practices to offender programmes for those who are incarcerated in our prisons.  A variety of both international and local speakers will share what are working and what are simply not working.

Conference objectives

    Local Funding Needed to Fight HIV

    A Zambian NGO, Reformed Communities (REC) says the continued dependence on donor funding in HIV and AIDS projects could throw the fight against the pandemic in disarray.

    Reformed Communities (REC) coordinator, Deliah Kaweche, says there is a need to source local resources for the fight against HIV andAIDS instead of relying on funding from donors.

    Scientists Discover Antibodies that Disarm HIV

    Scientists have found two powerful new antibodies that disarm HIV, offering fresh clues in the hunt for a vaccine. The antibodies were found in blood samples of volunteers in regions hit hardest by HIV, including South Africa.

    Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV/AIDS Centre at the University of Cape Town, Linda-Gail Bekker, describes the discovery as one small step towards developing a vaccine against HIV infection as scientists still needed to discover how the antibodies work and turn these properties into an effective jab.

    Kidnapped Aid Worker Released

    A Greek employee of the Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders - MSF) the medical charity, kidnapped in eastern Chad early last month, has been released.

    However, army general, Oki Daggache could not reveal all the details regarding the release.

    In March, British charity Oxfam estimated that 25 attacks occur every month on NGOs operating in eastern Chad.

    The violence is often blamed on bandits, and NGOs have frequently denounced the lack of adequate security.

    Traditional Leaders Criticise NGOs Over Circumcision

    The National House of Traditional Leaders has vowed to continue with the customary circumcision of young Xhosa and Sotho men, and has warned "intrusive NGOs" opposed to the practice to stay away.

    "The intrusive NGOs and groups are in for a real fight because they do not know anything about the importance of (male) circumcision," says chief Gcinikhaya Gwadiso, head of the house's national campaign for safe initiation schools.

    RECABIP: Advanced HIV and AIDS Lobbying and Advocacy Course

    The Regional Capacity Building Partners (RECABIP) is hosting a five-day course entitled “Advanced HIV and AIDS Lobbying and Advocacy Course: An International Capacity Building Workshop” from 9-13 February 2009 in Kenya.

    This international capacity-building workshop will explore critical skills required to effectively lobby and advocate on HIV and AIDS issues. The course is designed for NGOs and CBOs, and other stakeholders who are responsible for influencing policies, strategies, and programmes at the local, regional, national, or international levels.

    Cholera Under Control – Red Cross

    The International Federation of the Red Cross says there are hopes that Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak, which has spilled over into South Africa, may be under control. This is according to the federation’s communications manager, Matthew Cochran.

    The comments come at the time when the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) pointed out that other isolated cases in the country, one death in Durban and a few cases in Gauteng, are all linked to the Zimbabwe outbreak.

    4th Southern African AIDS Conference

    The Desmond Tutu Foundation is hosting the 4th Southern African AIDS Conference from 31 March to 3 April 2009 in Durban.

    The conference brings together scientists in the research of HIV/AIDS, medical professionals, officials from government departments, NGOs, FBOs, international organisations, local and multi-national corporations, media, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

    This Conference comprises of six tracks, featuring


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