Africa Foundation: Project Manager

​Africa foundations is a non-profit organisation working with communities close, or influential, to core conservation areas, in six countries in Africa. Founded in 1992 the organisations key goals are to facilitate rural communities in the realisation of their development goals, and to promote the preservation of land and wildlife.

Bulungula Incubator: Community Nurse

The Bulungula Incuabtor is a rural development not-for-profit organization, based on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, in the former Transkei. Our programmes are concentrated into three focus areas: Education, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Health and Nutrition. Our vision is to be a catalyst for the creation of vibrant and sustainable rural communities.

A journey continued: How Reach for Recovery and Dr Justus Apffelstaedt are supporting breast cancer patients

The former Head of the Tygerberg Breast Clinic, Doctor Justus Apffelstaedt is continuing his collaboration with one of South Africa’s oldest, national, non-profit breast cancer support groups, Reach for Recovery, to raise awareness and funds for their Ditto Project. The collaboration in 2018 achieved media coverage valued at R1.7 million and helped raise R4,351.

#DesertRun4NMCH – Using Sport to Give Back

Many South Africans are using their participation in sporting activities from running marathons to climbing mountains to raise awareness and funds for social causes and to make a difference in society. Supported by the reach and popularity of social media as well as crowdfunding platforms, these initiatives have the increased potential to influence meaningful change.

Let’s Mobilise for a People’s National Health Insurance!  Our Health Is Not For Sale!

Come join us as we launch the The People's National Health Insurance NHI Campaign....

Let’s Mobilise for a People’s National Health Insurance! Our Health Is Not For Sale!

The People's National Health Insurance #NHI Campaign will be launched at a Public Meeting

Date: Saturday 9 June

Time: 09h00 -12h00

Venue: Community House, Cape Town

Join us in demanding a People’s NHI that serves People’s Health, not Private Profit! #Health4All @TAC @RHAPnews @SECTION27news @LHR_SA

Breastfeeding in Public a Civil Right for Women

This was a heated topic on our WhatsApp group earlier this month and funny enough, Stian sent a chat that a woman sitting next to him on the plane was breastfeeding…Quite funny since we have been discussing about it and even though the discussion had died down it suddenly erupted again. Well, my personal take on it at first was that women can feed anywhere, it doesn’t matter as long as they cover up and some of my mates where just not for that compromise, especially the females in the group.

Amandla Development: Finance and Operations Manager

Amandla Development is a nonprofit organisation that works to empower South African youth with equal access to quality education opportunities. Amandla facilitates the Philippi Collective Network, a cross-sector group that fosters a community-driven approach to improving learner wellbeing and education outcomes.

Amandla seeks to appoint a Finance and Operations Manager to e based in Cape Town.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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