Anti-Homosexuals Party to Contest Elections

The National Peoples Movement, a political party against gays and lesbians, is to contest this year’s general elections.

The party president, Aubrey Mbatha, says, “Gays and lesbians are ungodly and sinful, but so are laws allowing children to abort without their parents’ consent, and we oppose the banning of corporal punishment at schools and homes.”

The National Peoples Movement, which claims to be lobbying for a theocratic democracy, was launched in KwaZulu-Natal four years ago.

2009 Forecast: Resilience and Change in Uncertain Times

Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) know how to cope in troubled financial times. But we also need to be realistic and ask ourselves, are we are in a recession yet? Is the full force of its might starting to bite or is this the calm before the storm? Will the global downturn hinder development in South Africa? We are in uncertain times.

Democracy for all

I am astounded by the naivete (deliberate or otherwise) of people who constantly write to complain about the ruling party and its treatment of the Scorpions. Either we don't understand politics or we refuse to acknowledge that we are all complicitely in the state of things as they are.

ANC’s Social Welfare Plan Unrealistic – Friedman

Political analysts have warned that the African National Congress’ (ANC) “highly ambitious ad expensive” manifesto could come back to haunt the party as some of the promises may prove impossible to realise.

Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Johannesburg, Steven Friedman, argues that there are serious questions regarding the affordability of the ruling party’s social welfare plan.

“Under the current world economic crisis, the big question is whether this can be affordable”, says Friedman.

IEC Expects Millions to Register to Vote

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has announced that it expects millions of South Africans to register for the 2009 general elections.

In a press statement, the IEC says a total of 19 713 stations have been opened across the country where citizens can register or check their registration details in the two-day exercise which begins on Saturday.

Under South African law, the president is expected to set a date for the election, which must be held within 90 days from the date that parliament has been dissolved or its term expired.

Obama Makes History in US Elections

United States president-elect Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first African-American to win the United States presidency.

Obama, who will be sworn as the 44th president of the US,said: "It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America."

Obama cautions, "The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there."

2008 Ibrahim Index of African Governance

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance is a new, comprehensive ranking of sub-Saharan African nations according to governance quality. The Index has been created in recognition of the need for a more comprehensive, objective and quantifiable method of measuring governance quality in sub-Saharan Africa. It assesses national progress in five key areas, which together constitute a holistic definition of good governance.

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