ANC Election Manifesto Launch

It’s so nice

It’s so nice
says a talking head
of the political sort
on my morning radio
out in East London

It’s so nice
(to see all these people)
might be something
satirists and cartoonist-types
pounce upon with relish

It’s so nice
having voting cattle
at one’s fingertips
loyal and trusting
living in hope eternal

It’s so nice
pleasant, lovely
fine, good

Journalist Abducted, Zimbabwe Blamed

The South African Council of Churches and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa have condemned the recent abduction of journalist and activist Jestina Mukoko by a gang of plain-clothed men suspected to be police operatives.

Open Society chairperson, Musa Hlope, has also criticised the mediation process for tolerating the violence that has continued in Zimbabwe. "No sound mediation will continue while others are being killed. And that’s what the SADC mediation has done", says Hlope.

Support Emergency Relief Efforts for Zimbabwe

The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating on a daily basis. The cholera outbreak of the past week, as well as chronic food, water and electricity shortages, highlights the challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe. In addition, the collapse of the Zimbabwean currency, spiralling inflation and the gradual disintegration of the security forces are all indications of a situation that is getting more desperate by the day.

Extensive emergency relief efforts will be required over the next few weeks to help stabilise the situation in Zimbabwe.

SABC Report is Vague and Contradictory – Civil Society

Civil society activists have strongly criticised the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) latest annual report for its apparent vagueness on crucial detail.

Spokesperson for the Save Our SABC coalition, Kate Skinner, has been quoted as saying that the most glaring omission of the report is the lack of detail on how it is fulfilling its public mandate, its day-to-day obligations to the public and its central objective as a public broadcaster. 


SANGONeT and EasiGiving are proud to announce a partnership in support of BackaBuddy, an online fundraising website which combines the power of sport and the reach of the Internet in support of NGOs in South Africa.

Launched by EasiGiving in early 2008, BackaBuddy provides intuitive and accessible online fundraising functionality to help anyone with a cause or NGO they care about to raise funds through sponsorship.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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