Kenya Criticised Over Corruption

Anti-Corruption activist, John Githongo, says not enough is being done in the fight against corruption despite commitments made by politicians under the new Kenyan constitution.

Githongo says that impunity is still prevalent in government and not solid action was being taken against individuals implicated in graft.

In the same vein, constitutional expert, Yash Pal Ghai, says that any individual implicated in graft should vacate office immediately to allow for investigations to take place.

CASAC’s Open Letter to Simelane

The Council for the Advancement of South African Constitution (CASAC) has written an open letter to the national director of public prosecutions (NPA), Menzi Simelane, expressing its ‘grave concern’ about his decision to prosecute the female learner in the Jules High School sexual offences matter.

SASAC executive secretary, Lawson Naidoo, is of the view that the constitutional right of the female learner will be violated in the event of her being prosecuted.

Human Trafficking and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

As the 2010 FIFA World Cup approaches, attention is increasingly focussed on one of the most pervasive crimes expected to accompany the boom in the South African tourism industry: human trafficking. The trafficking of women and girls for sexual abuse purposes is likely to increase in order to meet the expected rise in demand for sex. Most authors argue that a positive correlation exists between the demand for sex work in one place (i.e. profit-generating opportunities) and the presence of large numbers of male tourists.

NGOs Call on SA to Cooperate with al-Bashir Warrant

South Africa will be defying its Constitution and law if it persists with a decision to refuse to cooperate with an international arrest warrant issued for Sudan President Omar al-Bashir, civil society organisations said on Wednesday.

"The decision by the African Union represents the most serious challenge to the struggle against impunity and lawlessness on the African continent," the organisations said in a statement.

NCA to Protest Zimbabwe Constitutional Reforms

A leading rights group in Zimbabwe has vowed to campaign against the way the country's new constitution is being drafted under a recent power-sharing deal.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), an umbrella group of rights bodies, churches and other activists, says that the new basic law should not be written by parliamentarians, but be based on public consultations.

The group’s chairperson, Lovemore Madhuku says he will lead a campaign against the constitution, which should go to a referendum next year.


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