NGO Highlights SA’s Social Challenges

The Council for the Advancement of South African Constitution (CASAC) says that poverty, unemployment and inequality continue to hamper the South Africa’s development as a caring, just and interdependent society.

CASAC chairperson, Sipho Pityana, argues that while the country has managed to built schools, hospitals and clinics, it has not been able to direct the resources to these institutions to enable them to function properly and deliver a quality service to the people.

Rights Groups Warn Against New Zim Elections

Church and human rights groups in Zimbabwe have warned against new elections saying the situation in the country is ‘highly volatile, uncertain and tense’ after a bloody presidential run-off election two years ago.

In a press statement, the group, which include the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Christian Alliance and the Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe, state that, "The polarised environment does not favour the holding of elections as violence would most likely erupt."

TAC and SECTION27: The ANC should Not Be Scared of Independent Campaigns Against Corruption and for Service Delivery, Human Rights and Public Accountability

Statement by the TAC and SECTION27, co-hosts of the Labour/Civil Society conference

The Civil Society Conference held on 27-28 October 2010 will hopefully come to be seen as a historic turning point in South Africa. It may mark the revival of co-ordinated community based activism that aims to achieve social justice and better the lives of the poor in South Africa. It was attended by more than 50 independent organisations that believe in social justice and that fight for it every day.

NGOs Deny Benefiting from Zim Diamonds

Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) have ‘categorically rejected’ charges that they asked for one percent of the revenues generated by the sale of the Marange diamonds.

Global Witness campaigner, Annie Dunnebacke, denied such an offer was made by her organisation or any of the other NGOs, adding that the offer to place the one percent proceeds in a protection fund is ‘outrageous’.

Zambian Govt Investigates NGOs

The Department of Home Affairs in Zambia has disclosed that more than eight Zambian NGOs are under investigation for alleged money laundering and other illegal activities.

Minister Lameck Mangani says the government, through the registrar of societies is also scrutinising some NGOs that have drifted from the mandate for which they were established.

Malema Loses the ‘Hate Speech’ Case

The Johannesburg Equality Court has found the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president, Julius Malema, guilty of hate speech and harassment.

Magistrate Colleen Collis ordered Malema to make an unconditional public apology within two weeks and pay an amount of R50 000 to a centre for abused women within one month, for saying president Jacob Zuma’s rape accuser had ‘nice time’.


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