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Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking

NGO Consulting Africa in association with International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC) is conducting a five-day course Southern African Development Community (SADC) region course on Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking from 23-27 March 2009 in Zimbabwe. The course is aimed at NGO managers, NGO board members and business executives.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore the dynamics of strategic and creative thinking
  • Understand the process of strategy formation

Yemen NGO Links Poverty to Increasing HIV/AIDS

High poverty rates and low education levels are contributing to increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Yemen, especially among commercial sex workers. This is according to the Integrated Care Association for People Living with HIV.

The organisation’s secretary-general, Abdul-Hafed al-Ward, points out that most cases of HIV/AIDS involve people with low incomes.

Al-Ward maintains that, “Poverty and HIV/AIDS go together and wherever the former exists so does the latter."

Southern Hemisphere: Training Calendar for 2009

Planning, monitoring and evaluation: 23 - 27 February, Cape Town
How to develop a M&E system: 23 - 25 March, Cape Town
Dynamic Facilitation Skills for participatory processes: 18 – 22 May, Gauteng
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation: 27 - 31 July, Gauteng
How to develop a M&E system: 25 - 27 August, Gauteng
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation: 2 - 6 November, Gauteng
How to develop a M&E system: 1 - 3 December, Gauteng

Planning, monitoring and evaluation

Press Release: Oxfam America Awarded $1 Million for Cholera Response in Zimbabwe

BOSTON, MA—International relief and development agency Oxfam America has been awarded $1 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to respond to a deadly cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. The funding will support Oxfam’s work to help 135,000 people have access to safe water and sanitation facilities and reduce the spread of the disease in addition to supporting community awareness efforts.

Chintsa River Golf Estate Art Exhibition

A free Art Exhibition featuring internationally exhibited artists, plus a plethora of Walter Sisulu student and local work will be held at Chintsa River Golf Estate Swiss Villa from 15 December 2008 to 5 January 2009.

Chintsa River Golf Estate is 25 km from East London.

See Chintsa River Golf Estate for details.

Entry is free.  Opens 11am.  Closes 5pm.

All artwork is for sale and a portion of each art sale is donated to African Angels.

The silence that is killing Zimbabweans

I worry a great deal at the moment, as I watch the rest of humanity calling for Mugabe to step down, or be removed from power, and on the other hand I see the Southern African leaders calling for 'dialogue' and essentially supporting this despot. One has to wonder what hold Mugabe has over the powers that be in Africa? This cannot be simply about race ( a black African leader being supported by other black African leaders). One hears rumours flying about that Mugabe is linked to all the other Southern African leaders through their business dealings and interests.

Developmental Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The Community Development Resource Centre (CDRA) is conducting a five-day course on Developmental Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting from 2-6 March 2009 in Cape Town.

In this five-day course participants will explore and develop approaches and methodologies that enable planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes to support rather than obstruct a developmental field practice – a PME approach beyond logframes. For directors, programme/project managers and field-team leaders as well as donors.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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