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New Publication on the Sustainability of South African Civil Society

South Africa’s civil society sector, variously known as the nonprofit (NPO) or non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector, plays a vital and often unacknowledged developmental role. In spite of an enlightened Constitution, discrimination and inequity still abound in South Africa. Women, children, people of colour, indigenous peoples, migrants, gay and lesbian groups, and people living with HIV/AIDS, are among particularly vulnerable groups.

FEMNET: Head of Capacity Building

FEMNET is a pan-African regional women’s rights network that has been in existence for 24 years and has been at the forefront championing gender equality, equity and women’s rights through delivery of critical information, and strengthening linkages and collaboration among women’s organisations.

FEMNET seeks to appoint a Head of Capacity Building (Ref: FNT-HOCB 2012), based in Nairobi, Kenya, on a three-year renewable full-time contract.


TAC and SECTION27: The ANC should Not Be Scared of Independent Campaigns Against Corruption and for Service Delivery, Human Rights and Public Accountability

Statement by the TAC and SECTION27, co-hosts of the Labour/Civil Society conference

The Civil Society Conference held on 27-28 October 2010 will hopefully come to be seen as a historic turning point in South Africa. It may mark the revival of co-ordinated community based activism that aims to achieve social justice and better the lives of the poor in South Africa. It was attended by more than 50 independent organisations that believe in social justice and that fight for it every day.

Resource Mobilisation Strategy for NGOs/NPOs



NPO/NGO’s today are challenge with meeting their critical resources and extensive fund mobilisation for sustainability. To support with an inadequate planning techniques, the changing trend of donor funding NPO/NGO. This workshop seeks to strengthen the danger of survival/sustainability. This workshop seeks to help in developing critical strategies for NGO/NPO’s, in meeting these trends and aligning to their organisational objectives for funding and sustainability.

Zambian Police Says No to NGO Rally

The NGOs that have planned to hold a public rally in Lusaka have backpedalled, claiming the police have not granted them a notice to go ahead.

According to Citizens Forum executive secretary, Simon Kabanda, the NGOs have, however, threatened to go ahead with the red card campaigns and will remain committed to demanding for good governance and a good Constitution.

Fundraising Symposium for NPO/NGOs

Is your NPO/NGO struggling with funding/financial crisis, are you surviving the current global changes, global financial crisis, the recession, and lack of committed volunteers to support organisations sustainability:

You are invited to attend a two-day workshop which will critically address the issues affecting your organisation and its survival in the current trends or dispensation.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Business Environments & Corporate Social Responsibilities;
  • Donation/Fundraising and Donor Requirements;

Crossing the Threshold of Regionalism

This policy brief reviews social security systems in southern Africa. In the context of increased cross border migration as a result of deeper regional integration and deteriorating living conditions in some countries. The brief examines the possibility of social benefits for migrant workers in southern Africa being portable across countries in the region.

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