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Developing Lobbying Strategies for Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management into Development Planni

Developing Lobbying Strategies for Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management into Development Planning and Policy

The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG), a NGO that promotes environmental justice and civil society engagement with environmental issues, is hosting a workshop entitled “Developing Lobbying Strategies for Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management into Development Planning and Policy” from 15-16 October 2008 in Cape Town.

The workshop is aimed at

Lessons for Aid Effectiveness from Poverty Hearings

Over the past two months, the African Monitor, working with Black Sash, CIVICUS, Hope Africa, South African Human Rights Commission, COSATU, Southern African Trust, South African Council of Churches, SANGOCO, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute and IDASA,  has held Poverty Hearings in across South Africa. These gatherings have provided people from all walks of life the opportunity to talk about their experiences of poverty.

Organisational Climate Survey Tool

The Umhlaba Consulting Group has an online organisational climate survey designed to assist managers particularly in NGOs to assess the climate in their organisations on an ongoing basis. The tool takes the form of an online questionnaire that has a number of questions dealing with ten organisational themes including management and leadership, organisational culture, staff remuneration etc.

Relational Poverty & The Modern World

The 50-minute DVD is an excellent introduction to basic neurodevelopment and traumatology for clinicians, parents, caregivers and policy makers. Drawing on the work of the CTA and colleagues in many disciplines, it helps put a broad context on the positive impact of high quality care giving, supportive family and a stable community while illustrating the devastating impact of neglect, trauma, chaos and violence.

Sex Work in Cape Town

The Crime and Justice Programme of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) have published a joint report entitled ‘Selling Sex in Cape Town’. The report is the first survey and analysis of the sex industry in Cape Town and examines the extent to which sex workers have control over their working conditions in a criminalised industry.

Zimbabwe: Civil Society and Democracy

All states, democratic or authoritarian, exist and govern by exercising political domination and force over citizens. In functioning democracies, however, the state’s political domination and force is ably regulated by strong and inclusive institutional structures and processes, respect for the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and human rights and a vibrant and independent civil society. Constitutionally, Zimbabwe is a democracy.

Community Based Technology Solutions

Community Based Technology Solutions: Adapting to Climate Change is a paper which describes discrete steps to help communities cope with the impacts of climate change, some of which will run concurrently and others separately, depending on the specific requirements of each individual project. Authored by Thorne S, the manual is aimed at helping project teams apply Technology Receptivity principles and tools. It also aims to promote ownership of adaptation technologies by communities themselves.


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