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Gauteng principals receive smart tools of trade

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) is making headway towards realising its vision to provide each school principal with a smartphone to close the communicationsgap at its schools. This is how MEC of education and youth development Panyaza Lesufi described the department’s latest efforts to promote digitalisation of learning in Gauteng. 

Yesterday, the GDE, in partnership with Vodacom, handed over 2 200 of the latest Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphones to principals across the province as part of this process.

Municipalities owing Eskom disrupt Vodacom network

Defaulting municipalities that owe Eskom billions, coupled with poor electricity distribution infrastructure, are beginning to affect mobile network operations across the country, a senior Vodacom executive says.
Eskom is owed more than R20 billion by defaulting municipalities. The problem has now reached dangerous proportions and is affecting mobile network communications in some areas.

Google reportedly has a massive culture problem that's destroying it from the inside

Google’s culture is marred with scandals as report after report reveal sexual misconduct by senior executives in the company. One of these executives was former Android head Andy Rubin, who left Google in 2014 after being accused of coercing a co-worker to perform oral sex.

To read the article titled "Google reportedly has a massive culture problem that's destroying it from the inside" Click here 

IkamvaYouth: Head of Programmes

IkamvaYouth is a township-based volunteer programme that gets learners out of poverty through education. The organisation exists to reduce inequality in South Africa, and it has a track record of matric results, access to post-school opportunities, and alumni success is proof that positive change is possible.

The Purpose of the Position:

Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre provides quality and affordable healthcare services

According to the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI), residents of informal settlements are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. Latent Tuberculosis, or TB, affects 88% of 30 to 39-year-old individuals living in these areas. Quality and efficient healthcare is a luxury that most South Africans living in townships cannot afford. Non-profit organisation Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre, situated in Fourways, Johannesburg, aims to do their part to change this.

Asina Loyiko: Activists unite against corporate censorship and bullying

Today, civil society organisations officially launched a new joint advocacy campaign in Cape Town known as Asina Loyiko: United Against Corporate Bullying.

The campaign comes in response to the growing number of corporations, both in South Africa and globally, who use a tactic termed “SLAPP suits” – Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation - to silence criticism and suppress public activism. These SLAPPs undermine Constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the media, and academic freedom.

Breastfeeding in Public a Civil Right for Women

This was a heated topic on our WhatsApp group earlier this month and funny enough, Stian sent a chat that a woman sitting next to him on the plane was breastfeeding…Quite funny since we have been discussing about it and even though the discussion had died down it suddenly erupted again. Well, my personal take on it at first was that women can feed anywhere, it doesn’t matter as long as they cover up and some of my mates where just not for that compromise, especially the females in the group.

Youth for Survival's Pledge for Parity

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8 March and in South Africa we also celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August every year. South Africa comes in at eighth place on a world classification table of women in national parliament. These are all developments that deserve to be applauded as the nation is taking strides towards the ultimate goal of achieving women’s rights. However, in the same instance it is never enough until we reach the peak of equality in all spheres, when women’s dignity and rights can be fairly observed in our nation.

Nonprofit Sector Needs More Leaders

Leadership is one of the most talked about, but least understood concepts in the Non-Profit field. There seems to be consensus that not all managers are leaders. There is however less consensus regarding the principle of whether managers are ‘made’ and leaders ‘born’. Both of these aspects are of importance in terms of leadership versus management in the Non-Profit sectors, and the debate is ongoing. Of even more importance is actively promoting and endorsing the debate on the need of leadership in the nonprofit sector.


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