• Call for UN to Boycott UNWTO in Zimbabwe

    An international non-governmental organisation that monitors the performance of the United Nations (UN), UN Watch, has called for a boycott of the upcoming UN tourism meeting being hosted by Zimbabwe this month.

    UN Watch monitoring group, which has called for a high level boycott of the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly begins on 26 August 2013, with Zimbabwe and Zambia co-hosting the globally significant event.

    The group's executive director, Hillel Neuer, has been quoted as saying that UN is ‘legitimising’ Robert Mugabe regime and they just ended, deeply flawed elections that saw Mugabe re-elected as President.

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  • Mugabe Slam Opposition Parties, Gays

    Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has accused his political rivals of wanting to ‘bring back the white people’ and criticised gay rights ahead of that country’s elections.
    Mugabe, who attacked gay marriage because it is ‘alien to Africa’, appealed to thousands of members of a church in Eastern Marange to support his bid for re-election after 33 years in power.
    "We made a mistake in 2008 to vote for the people who love the white people. Voting for people who want to bring back the white people and thinking that there won't be any development without white people," he explains.
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  • First Climate Change Symposium Ends

    The first Climate Science Symposium of Zimbabwe which sought to create a platform for stakeholders to share knowledge and experience on climate change-related issues at the local, regional and international level ended on 22 June 2013.

    The three-day symposium, which was held under the theme ‘Life in a changing environment’, brought together weather experts, academics, non-governmental organisations, government and other community-based organisations to discuss a wide range of issues on climate change.

    The symposium also attracted participants from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to discuss various strategies to strengthen the fight against global warming.

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  • Zimbabweans Urged to Resolve Election Row

    The African Union Commission says Zimbabweans themselves must resolve a row over President Robert Mugabe's decision to call an election on 31 July 2013.

    Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court ordered Mugabe two weeks ago to hold the poll by the end of July, but Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, has rejected his rival's declaration, saying it was too early and accusing him of creating a political crisis.

    African Union Commission chairperson, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, questioned whether it is right to second-guess Zimbabwe's courts, adding that, "The courts have said the elections must take place…I thought a lot of you have always been talking to us about the rule of law and respect for the judiciary."

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  • NGO Voter Education Scam Exposed

    The Zimbabwean government is considering restricting voter education to political parties after unearthing nefarious dealings aimed at manipulating the process by some non-governmental organisations engaged to undertake the initiative.

    One such organisation, the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa contracted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has incorporated information carrying political messages favouring certain parties.

    Although Justice and Legal Affairs Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, could not be reached for a comment, highly-placed sources say in view of this, government is contemplating limiting voter education to political parties.

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  • Zim Authorities block Youth Voter Registration

    Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change’s efforts to get first-time voters to register are being undermined by a concerted effort from the authorities, who are cracking down on individuals and groups seen mobilising youths to register.
    On 5 May 2013, police arrested three volunteers from the Election Resource Centre (ERC) for carrying out activities under the group's popular 1st Time Voter Generation campaign, which encourages young people to register as voters.
    ERC director, Tawanda Chimhini, handed himself in to the police in a bid to secure the release of the three volunteers and was immediately charged under section 40 of the Zimbabwe Electoral Act, which forbids individuals from conducting voter education without seeking permission from the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission.
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  • Zim Approves Draft Constitution

    Zimbabwe's lower house of parliament has approved a draft constitution endorsed in a March 2013 referendum, paving the way for new elections.

    The draft constitution takes away the president's immunity after leaving office, bolsters the power of the courts and sets up a peace and reconciliation commission tasked with post-conflict justice and healing.

    It also limits a president's tenure to two five-year terms, curtails presidential powers and abolishes the post of prime minister.

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  • NGO to Amplify Women’s Voices

    Edinah Masanga, who worked as a journalist for a decade, has launched the Women Empowerment Foundation Scribes Africa (WEFSA) in Zimbabwe in a bid to amplify women's voices.

    Masanga notes that women are still seen as a minority in journalism worldwide and that they all go through the same experiences, including unethical practices such as sexual harassment, discrimination, while exclusion continues to be a challenge for women in this profession.

    She states that WEFSA is built on real life and personal experiences by female journalists in newsrooms to advocate for issues of women and media from outside the confines of the newsrooms.

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  • UNDP Official Criticised Over Cholera in Zim

    The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) new resident coordinator in South Africa has come under fire for his role in Zimbabwe's disastrous cholera outbreak in 2008.

    It is alleged that due to the warm relations between Agostinho Zacarias, the former UNDP chief in Harare and ZANU-PF in 2008, the UN in 2008 ignored internal cholera warnings months before an outbreak that claimed more than 4 000 lives.

    This has come to light after a recent tribunal hearing looking into the unfair dismissal in 2009 of Georges Tadonki, who headed the UN humanitarian office in Harare at the time. He was dismissed by Zacarias.

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  • Zimbabwe Not Ready for Free, Fair Polls

    An international human rights delegation that recently toured Zimbabwe to assess the human rights situation has expressed concern over the non-implementation of agreed electoral reforms.
    The group, which is also concerned about the harassment of civic groups and human rights defenders, says that there is increased intimidation, threats and violence against civil society and violations of the rights to freedom of expression and access to information in that country.
    The group, which was sponsored by the Robert F Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights, further maintains that the current environment was not conducive for the holding of free and fair elections.
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