NGOs Ahead of Human Rights Review

On 14 March 2013, Zambia will undergo the second phase of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) review of its fulfilment of international human rights obligations and commitments.

However, given the deteriorating human rights environment in that country, some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have come together to lobby government to fulfill its obligations.

NGO Accuses Council Over Land Sale

A non-governmental organisation dealing in land issues on Zambia’s Copperbelt has accused Kitwe City Council of advertising already sold plots.

Copperbelt Indigenous Land Rights Network executive director, Archie Mulunda, says the Kitwe City Council recently advertised to sale residential plots which had already been sold to some corporate institutions and a few elites at the expense of poor people who also needed to acquire plots.

Sata Happy With Pro-PF NGOs Like Tiz

Zambian President, Michael Sata, is said to be happy with Patriotic Front (PF) aligned NGOs like Transparency International Zambia calling for the removal of former president Rupiah Banda's immunity but are keeping a blind eye to the corruption involving his ministers.

TIZ, which has became ineffective after campaigning for the PF in the last general elections, has seen his top official like executive director become more of the government's advocate that play the watchdog role the donor community funds them for.

NGOs Complaints of Zambia’s Crackdown on Rights

CIVICUS: The World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS) has expressed serious ‘concerns’ on the escalating campaign to silence independent dissent in Zambia.

In a press statement, CIVICUS is calling upon the ruling Patrotic Front (PF) under the leadership of President Michael Sata, to take immediate steps to protect media and civil society freedoms.

NGO Threatens to Take Ministers to ACC

Zambian Voices, a Zambian NGO, has threatened to devise another strategy of investigating justice minister, Wynter Kabimba, and defence minister, Geoffrey Mwamba, if the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) fails to do its job.

Zambian Voices executive director, Chilufya Tayali, says ACC should be able to update the nation on the state of investigations into corrupt activities against the two ministers in a period of 14 days.

Zambia Denies Inmates AIDS Drugs

Zambia’s convicted prisoner, George Mwanza, has accused the authorities of violating his human rights and those of other HIV-positive inmates by failing to provide them with adequate care.
Mwanza, who is awaiting trial for statutory rape, told a courtroom packed with HIV/AIDS activists clad in white T-shirts that, "I have been prevented from accessing the anti-retroviral drugs and therapy from the clinic."

Zambian Govt Concerned About GBV Cases

The Zambian Ministry of Gender and Child Development has expressed sadness at the rising numbers of unreported cases of gender-based violence (GBV) in that country.

The ministry’s Permanent secretary, Edwidge Mutale, argues that despite GBV being the worst violated human right in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, it is disturbing that these cases are not recorded or reported to the relevant authorities because it is exacerbated by households.

NGO, Govt, Fight Hunger and Poverty

Zambia has experienced more than a decade of food production declines which has resulted in widespread hunger and poverty in rural communities.

The organisation works with rural communities specifically and priority is given to income generating projects, which include small-scale enterprises in farming, beekeeping, aquaculture, agro-processing, carpentry and other skills training, in targeted communities.

GBV on the Increase in Zambia

According to Arthur Mwansa, not a day goes by without a news report of a child being defiled or a woman battered by an angry partner in Zambia.

In his article, Mwansa argues that government, in collaboration with the United Nations, have stepped in to reduce to zero incidences of gender-based violence (GBV).

He is of the view that, while GBV is a term that many individuals are now aware of - actual acts of the vice remain unpunished as communities still face challenges in finding justice for GBV victims.

NGO Slams Zambians Harbouring Ex-DRC Soldiers

Real Life Matters Zambia, a NGO looking into the plight of vulnerable children in society, has castigated some Zambians allegedly harbouring suspected former Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) soldiers.

The organisation claims that some of the soldiers are reportedly terrorising small-scale farmers in Mufulira’s Mupena farming settlement and are also marrying Zambian school children, some as young as nine years old.


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