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South Africa Today: From Freedom to Transformation, Deepening the Voice of the People

Where do we stand?

Fifteen years ago, in 1995, when South Africa was just starting out on the long road of transition, Harold Wolpe wrote about the expectations of that extraordinary journey from apartheid to democracy, from freedom to transformation.

SANGONeT Development Calendar 2011

The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) is currently compiling its 2011 Development Calendar, which will once again be produced in the form of a year planner.

The Calendar, to be released in January 2011, will cover a comprehensive list of international, African and South African dates (e.g. World AIDS Day, 1 December) of significance to people and organisations involved in development and civil society issues.

Department of Education and SAPS Ignore New Sexual Offences Act

Serious crimes by School Management, Teachers and Learners are simply not being reported immediately.

WMACA is astounded that an Educator at Laerskool Brentwoodpark, caught two months ago using the school’s facilities to print child pornography (rape and sexual exploitation of children on film) by another colleague, who reported the matter to the department and to the Benoni police station, is only now receiving a precautionary suspension by the Head of the Gauteng Department of Education.

Naidoo Calls for Return to Struggle Basics

Former communications minister, Jay Naidoo, says major weaknesses exist in South Africa's civil society movements and its citizenry as a result of decisions taken by government in 1994 when it demobilised NGOs and civil society, making people ‘passive bystanders in their own lives’.

Naidoo, who currently chairs the Development Bank of South Africa, states that now a new challenge exists: to deepen organisation to give communities the power to negotiate improvements in their lives.

Engen Donates FIFA Hampers to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Press Release

18 September 2010

Johannesburg: Engen Gauteng and Convenience and Corporate Social Investments (CSI) department has donated more than 100 FIFA hampers and lunch to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) attending the kids club at Nkanyiso Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Organistation in Naledi, Soweto.

Speaking during the event, Engen’s Regional Promotions Executive, Sindy Gramoney, stated that, “We are delighted to be able to support and help the children belonging to Nkanyiso”.

Free Market Foundation: SA Falls 40 Places in Economic Freedom Index in Last Decade

Press Release

20 September 2010

South Africa is ranked 82nd in the Economic Freedom of the World: 2010 Annual Report released today by the Free Market Foundation (FMF).

Last year, South Africa ranked 70th.

In the Economic Freedom of the World: 2002 Annual Report, South Africa was ranked 42nd. It has taken less than a decade to slide 40 places down the rankings. This is a matter of grave concern.

Women Writing Africa

The contributions of African women to their respective nations have been documented for generations as letters, speeches, songs, poems and other oralities, but never before have they been gathered together in one monumental work: The Women Writing Africa Project. This invaluable resource is the result of over ten years of dedicated research by the editors, and seeks to elucidate voices and stories that have been long ignored and are in need of telling.

The Politics of Service Delivery

Securing economic growth by ensuring that its rewards are distributed to the poor and marginalised through social grants and effective delivery, remains a key challenge facing South Africa in the second decade of democracy. The 'Politics of Service Delivery' examines the obstacles to effective service delivery and, in a series of case studies, reflects on lessons for delivery in developing countries. The book shows that decentralisation and participation can sometimes impede provision if lower levels of government lack capacity and resources.


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