• Dutch NGO in Crisis

    Two prominent directors of a Dutch NGO aid organisation, SNV, have resigned.
    The NGO, which deploys professionals to a large number to developing countries in Africa and elsewhere, has in the past few months repeatedly become involved in scandals.
    Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, reported that the development organisation had awarded commissions to friends and relatives of employees instead of putting them out to tender. SNV admitted to the allegations, but refuses to say what amounts were involved.
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  • Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case

    Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case (The Documentary Secret United Nations ICC Meeting Papers Scanned Images) This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not. Unfortunately for the Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states instituting the ICC & ICTY housed at the Hague, insofar as the, Radovan Karadzic, as with the other Hague cases awaiting trial there, I personally witnessed these United Nations member states openly speaking about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for financial funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in Manhattan making the iCTY and ICC morally incapable trying Radovan Karazdic and others. I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND judicial appointments, for monetary funding. Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly believes if we contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and other countries feeding it financially MORE direct power over its decisions.” ((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((( Instead of censoring the country representative from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked! The idea was "let's discuss it." "It's a great topic to discuss." Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is, bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate topic instead of an illegitimate toic which it is in the meeting that I attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent international criminal court.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) In particular., since "Spain" was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, "Spain" must have already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was "socially acceptable" for conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and ICC before in meetings; this is my take an international sociological honor student. SPAIN's diplomatic gesture of international justice insofar as, Serbia, in all of this is, disgusting morally! SPAIN HAS TAUGHT THE WORLD THE TRUE DEFINITION OF AN "INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT." I remind everyone, when I attended those ICC Preparatory Meetings in 2001, witnessing first hand the country plenipotentiary representatives present with me discussing so openly, trading judicial funding of a new international criminal court, for its direct judicial appointments and judicial verdicts, those same state powers were concurrently, those same countries and people were already simultaneously, funding the already established ICTY which was issuing at that time, arrest warrants for Bosnian Serbs under false primary diplomatic pretenses. The ICTY and ICC is just where it should be for once. Cornered and backed into and an international wall, scared like a corned animal (and I bet it reacts in the same way a rabid cornered animal does too in such circumstances). (ICTY associates) /DuringTheTrialOfRamushHaradinajIn2006TheHagueWarCrimesTribunalForTheFormerYugoslavi# (Documents: Hague war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has destroyed all material evidence about the monsterous KLA Albanian/KLA organ trade in Kosovo) I believe strongly that ICYU assocaites murdered former Serb President, Slobodan Milosevic, tried to murder me, as well and other Serbs prisoners and presently places , Doctor Radovan Karadzic’s life in direct danger as well as Ratko Mladic’s life in danger should he be brought there. The ICTY has no other choice than to halt all further court proceedings against, Doctor Radovan Karadzic, and others there both serving sentences and awaiting trials. Miss JIll Louise Starr (The UN Security Council has no choice but to act on this now). I accuse the Hague ICTY war crimes tribunal of attempted assassination on my life and others, contempt of court and obstruction of international justice and "international witness tampering" in complicity with Richard Holbrook and Bill Clinton (Former US President of the USA) as well as political playersin Spain and the Netherlands . I represented the state interests' of the Former Yugoslavia, in Darko Trifunovic’s absence in those meetings and I am proud to undertake this effort on Serbia’s behalf.
  • Giving and Volunteering Research Conference 2009

    The Department of Philanthropic Studies at VU University Amsterdam is hosting the Giving & Volunteering Research Conference 2009 on 9 July 2009 in Amsterdam.

    This one-day research conference will give scholars and opportunity to present their most recent research on giving and volunteering. The conference aims to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas between academics from various disciplinary backgrounds and practitioners from the philanthropic sector.

    Topics at the conference include (but are not limited to)

    • The development of giving and volunteering over  the life course
    • Cross‐national comparative studies of giving and volunteering
    • Recruitment, management and retention of volunteers
    • The influence of religion on giving and volunteering
    • Intergenerational transmission of generosity
    • Social values of donors and volunteers
    • Efficacy of fundraising methods
    • Corporate philanthropy
    • Marketing of charitable causes
    • Behavioural genetics of generosity
    • Social capital, networks and trust
    • Giving and volunteering by immigrants
    • Empathy, altruism and helping behaviour
    • Methodology of giving and volunteering research
    • Moral development, identity and prosocial behaviour
    • Charitable bequests and money transfers within the family

    The conference is open to academic researchers and practitioners from the philanthropic sector.

    Date: 9 July 2009

    Venue: VU University, Amsterdam, Metropolitan Building, Room Z‐009

    Conference Fee: €35

    Registration, paper proposals and further information: 

    For more information on the Department of Philanthropic Studies, click here.

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