Chemonics: Specialists

Chemonics International Inc. is recruiting for a biodiversity and natural resources, water supply and sanitation, institutional strengthening, and community development technical specialists for an upcoming Resilient Waters Project proposal.  

Arterial Network: Project Manager

Arterial Network is a dynamic network of individuals, organisations, companies and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sector. The organisation seeks to formulate African-centred strategies and solutions to accelerate the growth and prominence of the creative sector in Africa, enabling dialogue, information exchange and the strengthening of partnerships between creative communities, government, business, NGO’s and academia. The Continental Secretariat is based in Cape Town.

Arterial Network seeks to appoint a Project Manager.

Call for Nominations: 2015 Drivers of Change Awards

The Southern Africa Trust is an independent agency that supports deeper and wider engagement in regional policy to end poverty.

Southern Africa Trust is calling for applications for the 2015 Drivers of Change Awards.

Nominations for the 2015 Drivers of Change Awards are now open! Nominate individuals, businesses, civil society organisations and governments that are making a real impact in changing the lives of women and girls in southern Africa.

Male Activists Promote Female Condom

The female condom has been making its way across developing countries, particularly those in the African continent.

While many see this as a woman's commodity, one man in Mozambique is actively campaigning for it too. Felix Magul and his seven colleagues from the Kutenga youth association have been promoting female condoms in that country.

NGO Marches Ahead of Macia’s Funeral

Mourners in Mozambique have buried a taxi driver, Mido Macia, who died in custody in South Africa after officers cuffed him to their van and dragged him through the streets.

Before the funeral on 9 March 2013, Human Rights League, a non-governmental organisation, marched to the South African High Commission in central Maputo.

The chanted: ‘Down with xenophobia’. ‘Stop Humiliating Mozambicans’ and ‘Mido Macia Forever’.

Mozambique Residents Evacuated After Floods

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Mozambique has collaborated with the government to assist in the evacuation of residents affected by the heavy rains.

Mozambican authorities say they have evacuated about 3 000 families affected by floods to higher ground, since yesterday.

UNDP's humanitarian coordinating officer in Mozambique, Casimiro Sande, says the flooding is caused by the high rain fall recorded in South Africa and other countries as Mozambique is in a downstream.

At least 40 people have been killed since the start of the rains.

Anti-Poaching Partnerships for Mozambique

According to a report by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), an international NGO devoted to conservation, Mozambique scores in the worst category for the slaughtering of elephants and rhino for ivory even though it does not have an indigenous rhino.

In their comment on WPR website, Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese, a professor of national security affairs at the Naval War College in Newport and Larry McCabe, former United States Navy officer, Larry McCabe, says the country is merely a useful transit route because of the government’s inability to stop the illegal traffic.

CSOs Want Political Parties Off the CNE

Mozambican civil society is by and large in favour of removing all political party appointees from the country’s National Elections Commission (CNE).

That is one of the conclusions of research undertaken by the Mozambican NGO, Centre for Democracy and Development Studies (CEDE) in cooperation with the German Konrad Adenhauer Foundation.

Presenting the results of the project at a meeting in Maputo, CEDE suggested slimming down the CNE from 13 to seven members, none of whom would come from political parties.

AIDS Testing Goes Hi-Tech

Communications engineers have adapted office printers and cellphone technology to wirelessly and immediately relay AIDS test results.

Britain's Sequoia Technology Group and Telit Wireless say that the printers are being rolled out elsewhere in Africa after initial success in Mozambique, where the project has been running for a year.

Telit’s Phillip Collins points out that his company's technology is more often used for monitoring electricity meters than saving lives.

NGO Volunteers All-African Games

The Mozambique Red Cross Society (MRCS) has partnered with the government's ministry of youth and sport to provide first aid assistance to athletes during the 10th All-Africa Games.

Under the government agreement, MRCS trained volunteers in first aid for the games, and provided them with the first aid kits and equipment to deliver a world class service.

"The recently acquired ten ambulances have put the Mozambique Red Cross Society in a better position to be a strategic partner in these All Africa Games," says Américo José Ubisse, MRCS secretary-general.


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